4 Unsolicited Pieces Of Advice A New Mom Receives In India!

Everyone thinks they know better than a mom, who has borne her baby for nine months. Here are 4 unsolicited pieces of advice a new mom receives!

Women are subject to constant judgement, scrutiny and criticism right from the moment we are born. We are made to question our valid choices, feel ashamed of our bodies, feel guilty for wanting time for ourselves, put ourselves last and so much more, at every stage of our lives.

Motherhood is no exception.

Everyone thinks they know better than a mom, who has borne her baby for nine months and suffered immeasurable physical and mental discomfort. In the name of helping, these are some of the dumbest pieces of advice I have heard as a new mom.

The baby is crying, he must be hungry: feed him

Really? Despite having had babies themselves, many women tell this to other women. Do they not know that babies can cry for a million reasons other than hunger?

It could be colic, wanting to sleep, growing pains, teething pains, wet diapers and so on.

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Breastfeed your baby for at least two years

Who are you to decide that, dear aunties? I agree, WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. But not all mothers may be able to do it for a multitude of reasons.

A baby may have latching problems/the mother may have flat nipples/lack privacy/ she may simply be uncomfortable with the whole idea of breastfeeding.

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Focus on your baby now, career can wait

So, does becoming a mom simply mean that all her dreams and ambitions cease to exist? It is for her to decide, based on various factors such as the support system she has at home to look after the baby.

She is not a bad mom just because she wants to get back to work within a few months post-partum.

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Sleep when the baby sleeps

This is the dumbest among them all. How on earth are you supposed to align your sleep routine with such an erratic schedule that your baby follows? You can sleep only when you feel tired.

Rather than telling her to rest when the baby is asleep, look after the baby whenever she feels tired and wants to rest.

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Are you too tired of these unsolicited pieces of advice? It is time to stop tolerating them. Motherhood is unique to each individual. And no one should say to you that you are doing it wrong!

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