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new mom
postpartum blues
The Most Heartbreaking Part Of My Postpartum Blues Was My Inability To Bond With My Baby!

Our image of Indian motherhood is the blissfully smiling mom adorned with sanskaari married woman markers... and no one talks about postpartum blues!

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Neha Dhupia To New Moms: Your PostPartum Body Is Normal And Does Not Need ‘Fixing’
postpartum body

Neha Dhupia speaks about her postpartum body - it's normal to gain weight after childbirth, have stretch marks, and to take time to heal. So new moms, don't let social expectations make you feel guilty!

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Periods After Delivery Can Be A Real Pain, So Here’s What You Should Know
periods after delivery

Resuming periods after delivery is a challenge, and a new mom needs support for it, along with the bigger challenge of caring for a baby.

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Whether I Breastfeed My Baby Or Use Formula Is Not Anyone Else’s Concern!

Often new moms find it hard to breastfeed their children for a number of reasons. It's time we normalised formula instead of shaming moms!

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He Was Excused For Being A New Dad; But Wasn’t She Also Coping As A New Mom?

Each time she would ask her husband for help, he would say, "I am a new Dad. I will mature with time." He would laugh it off.

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