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How Building A Crèche In Workplace Resulted In Return Of Employees!
How Building A Crèche In Workplace Resulted In Return Of Employees!

Crèche was a necessity in my life! Especially a workplace crèche, on joining work, all my fears came true; the babysitter was irregular, the pumped milk was insufficient, and many other unseeable emergencies kept popping up.

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Dignity Of Labour — House-Helpers Are The Essential Pillar Of Society
Dignity Of Labour

Dai was originally intended to denote a midwife, someone who used to assist women in childbirth with the experience and expertise of previous generations. Similarly, an Aya was originally supposed to be a nanny who can assist the new mother with child-rearing.

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How Was Your Vacation? No Sir, Maternity Leave Is My Human Right!
Maternity Leave

I would like to call it as a malicious and inhuman joke when someone addresses maternity leave as a vacation or break. Even though I was a doctor with lot of knowledge about mother and child care, when it came to pragmatic reality, I realized that it was not my cup of tea.

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Independence Or In-Dependence, What is Your Parenting Style?
Parenting Style

But what if this bonding and expectation grow out to be a great emotional dependency that we couldn't overcome in our later stages of life? What if it impacts our kid’s life?

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New Mom Getting Back To Work? 11 Tips That Made It As Painless As Possible For Me!

Don’t hesitate to take support from your partner, family members, friends, or colleagues. This is the time you would need all the help in the world.

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When It Became Too Much, I Left My Baby With My In-Laws And Went To My Parents’ Place…

Many women have lost their lives to this darkness. It's high time we raise awareness, and make maternal mental health screening a part of the routine check ups.

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