Sweet, Karam, Coffee – a refreshing cuppa about female friendships

I recently saw a women-centric and heartwarming web series on Amazon Prime titled ‘Sweet, Karam, Coffee’. It is short, eight-episode, single-season series created by Reshma Ghatala (of ‘Queen’ series fame).

What is it about?

The story is of three women who live under the same roof – a housewife, her daughter and mother-in-law, along with her son and husband, in a typical upper middle class family in Chennai, who decide to embark on a road-trip together. The idea for the trip is born when the man of the house makes a flippant remark,

‘You three will never be able to look after yourselves on your own, outside this house.’

To prove that they are capable of holding their own quite well, the mother-in-law (Sundari), plants the idea of a road-trip in the minds of the other two and encourages it. She is shown to have an ulterior motive as well, which involves reconnecting with a long-lost female friend. The wife (Kaveri) is a quintessential, subservient, suppressed and neglected housewife. The daughter (Niveditha) is an aspiring cricketer, who is disillusioned in her relationship, as her boyfriend forces her to give up her career as his parents may not like it. The three embark on a proposed road-trip to Goa during the wee hours of the morning. During this journey, they bond and understand each other better, reminisce their pasts, question their decisions and indulge in self-discovery as well. Sundari re-routes their trip from Goa to Dharamshala in order to see her estranged female friend, Deva. When they meet, initially they fondly recall the good times and how they had been there for each other. However, the embittered Deva is unable to let go of the fact that Sundari prioritized her family – husband and kids- over their friendship and chose to move to a different city and fall out of touch. She questions why Sundari couldn’t have let her friendship and family life blossom side-by-side. A heartbroken Sundari goes back home, her mission having failed. Ultimately however, Deva lets it all go and comes down to Chennai to meet Sundari and asks her whether she can accompany Sundari on this new journey (meaning the rest of their lives), thereby re-establishing their friendship.

Why are female friendships important?

Men and women complement one another and your spouse may be your best friend. But we women thrive on friendships with our girlfriends. They give us a non-judgmental outlet to air our thoughts, emotions, problems and even our deepest and darkest secrets, many of which men may not be comfortable hearing. They provide us the comfort to share intimate details about family, relationships, marriage and sex life. A female friend will intuitively know what is wrong with you, just from the tone of your voice even miles away. She will now how to make you feel better, without you even having to say it. Female friends boost your self-esteem, making you feel confident and supported after a conversation. They provide unparalleled emotional support when you are down by lending a shoulder to cry on, patiently listening and wiping your tears, no matter what time of the day it is. They understand perfectly how you feel because they have been there too at some point, be it a bad relationship/workplace bias /premenstrual depression/ menopause.

When women spend quality time together, we produce more serotonin — a neurotransmitter that helps fight depression and create a general feeling of wellbeing. According to a UCLA research, the fact that we women often turn to our reliable inner female circle of friends during times of stress helps promote health and longevity.

Having mom-friends is the surest way to keep postpartum depression at bay. They are the ones who will understand best what you are going through as a new mom, validate you, support your choices, remove feelings of guilt and encourage you to take time for yourself. Motherhood actually helps you reconnect and establish deep bonds with previously distant friends who are in the same boat as you.

Even during old age, having a female friend can ward off loneliness and prevent depression. Whether it is menopause/retirement, she will understand you better than your spouse or children because she has been you.

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So, beautiful women, what are you waiting for? Reconnect with your girl pals, cherish, be grateful for the ones you already have and never ever let them go!




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