What Are The True Reasons Behind Women’s Career Breaks?

Most of the career breaks for women happen due to certain factors — which boils down to what society expects of a woman.

So what are hard truths behind why women are required to take career breaks?

Hello Ladies,

Let’s get real here. What causes you to take a career break?

I am not talking about a 6 month break or maternity leave or medical leave.

This is about giving up your career for a very long time..say more than 2 , 5 , 10 or 15+ years or more? Most of the career breaks are due to certain factors — which boils down to what society expects of a woman. This in term is blasted as culture.

STOP this now.

Stop blaming culture when bunch of folks have written this so called norms being followed by generations in some cases.

Major factors behind women’s Career Breaks

  • The girl is married and hence she has to give up her career so she can move out of town or state or country.

She has to follow her husband. This is Culture they say?! Why can’t a man do the same. Oh wait, it is the culture!

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  • The girl is a Mother now.

She has to quit her job. Her priority should be only her child and nothing else. She has to give up her career.

  • Husband earns and that is enough. Why should the wife earn?

Financial abuse waiting to happen here. A woman cannot be financially independent and earn for herself. This becomes a sin.

  • Pressure from spouse, in-laws, parents to make the women quit her job.

What about you they will ask? Oh because you have to respect husband and can’t say no and they blame it on culture.

Let’s break the barrier. Don’t give up your career for anyone. I returned to full time work after a 16 year career break. If I can do it so can you. We have got this Ladies!!

PS: Please stay tuned for more my career relaunch story, return to work, social issues and much more.

Take care of your mental and physical Health.

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