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The Fall Of A Feminist

And thus it begins again. Same old toxicity. Same old customs. Same old unacknowledged, unhappiness and stifled pain.

So this is where
It stops right?
The moment we decide,
We need to stop.
Have to Stop.
Should stop.

Not because we
Can’t see it’s still wrong.
Not because we
Are are not strong.
Not because we
Don’t want to change
Things anymore.

Be happy,
With ideologies.

But simply because,
We see the peace
In our family
Because of us.

Because the ones who
Are wrong and ego trolls,
They won’t stop.
They can’t stop.

So we have to right?
In order to maintain peace.
Shut ourselves up,
Once again.
Forget everything.
Pretend to ignore.
Live on the scarps
Of false happiness.

And thus it begins again.
Same old toxicity.
Same old customs.
Same old unacknowledged,
Unhappiness and stifled pain.

Not because we let it happen,
Because we are made to
Let it happen.
By the suppressed ones.
The life of the people,
We wanted to change.
By the ones,
We wanted to help.

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Image source: Markus Winkler via Unsplash

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