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Maybe Modern Love Is Just Sweet And Wholesome As Love Should Be!

Somewhere between, vulnerability and therapy, We found love. The kind we had not read in books, seen in movies. But the kind that was ours.

Somewhere between, vulnerability and therapy, We found love. The kind we had not read in books, seen in movies. But the kind that was ours.

While we saw,
Our parents fighting
Defending their families.
We learned,
To sit together
And vent out about
Our families to each other.
And somewhere in between,
Vulnerability and therapy
We found love.
The kind we had not
Read in books
Or seen in movies
Or in our families.
Parents because at the end
They make up with each other.
Or our grandparents because they spent 50
Years or so together
Ain’t our example.

In our man’s embrace,
We don’t feel protected.
We feel loved,
While we protect
While sometimes,
The man needs to be rescued,
And he lets us too.
While still being a man.
Because he’s a man,
Of a modern romance.

We sit and talk about
Our problems at length.
And don’t shove the meaning
Of love in the pockets
Of unsaid words understood.
We spend time apart,
Come back to each other,
Happier, feeling wholesome.
We don’t glorify,
Codependency of all sorts.
And thus we spend,
Our Individual lives
Together as one.

And sometimes,
When all seems fine.
And making it work anyhow,
Is something to which people bow.
We sit again.
Talk it out.
Part our ways,
Because it’s just
Not working out.
So what we do,
Is without much ado,
We hold our blanket
Of memories
We wove together.
And make it into two.
And then we pack our bags
And we’re ready to go.
To find love again,
While we still keep
Our old blankets,
Safely and lovingly,
Stored in a corner
Of our hearts.
And it’s perfectly okay too.

This is modern love.
And it’s not half as bad,
As the world seems to make it.
Rare to find but a healthier
version of love.
We are new, still developing.
But oh we are so much better
In terms of really loving.

Picture credits: Still from Dice Media’s series Little Things on Netflix

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