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A Little More Time To Be Just A Girl Maa, And Not Someone’s Wife, DIL, Slave?

Posted: November 6, 2020

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Maa, you say that it is our destiny to serve, sacrifice, as a wife, a daughter in law, a caretaker, a servant, a slave – you must know that all – but please, a little more time?


Just give me some more time,
I’ll do as you say,
Because you know better,
Isn’t it maa?

Just a little more time,
I ask for.
Time to color my sky,
With all the pretty colors.
Time to lay in a field
Of my dreams.
All alone, complete.
But you say I need a partner,
To be complete.
Because you know better,
You’ve felt it,
Haven’t you maa?

Just a little more time,
I ask for.
Let me use all the colors,
Colors I can’t blend.
For it makes me happy,
To not make sense.
You say you know better,
Making sense is important,
It makes us significant.
You feel important ,
Don’t you maa?

Just a little more time,
I ask for.
Time for myself,
Just to lay still.
Do nothing, care for no one.
Be happy, all by myself.
But you say you know better,
Happiness lies in caring.
Caring day and night,
You do that maa.
You’re happy this way,
Aren’t you maa?

Hush Hush maa,
Just a few days more.
I beg for it.
Beg of the moments in which,
I’m not a wife,
A mother,
A daughter in law,
A daughter,
A pride,
A liability,
An obligation,
A servant,
A slave,
An object of lust,
A project,
For this world to make.
Just so that,
I’m criticized,
Till I’m no more awake.

A few more moments,
Of just being alive,
A living breathing,
Beautiful person.
A few more days,
Of just being a girl.
But you say you know better.
Us girls, we just can’t be.
We are not ours to keep.
But you say you know better,
Serving is our purpose,
Sacrificing is our battlecry,
Living with ridicule is our glory.
You’ve lived through it,
You’re proud of yourself now,
Aren’t you ma?

~From the girl,
Who will never bite the dust.

Image source: a still from the film Bulbbul

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