As A Supportive Husband To Me And Father To Our Daughter, He Truly Surprised Me!

In contrast to many men of that age, my husband was overjoyed on being blessed with a girl as his first child, and eagerly learned how to take care of an infant.

During my childhood, I was perplexed whenever my dad explained the reason why I should be independent. He cited that if at all my marriage (which seemed a must) might end in a divorce, I needed to support myself.

Later in life, I understood his viewpoint.

But, what was totally unexpected was how a man (my husband) who was brought up in a patrilineal family and a patriarchal society supported his wife and daughter relentlessly.

A supportive husband

As a daughter in law, I was rarely allowed to voice my opinion nor express my likes and dislikes. But my husband was different as he supported me even in changing my profession and later doing a post-graduation in my mid-forties. In contrast to many men of that age, my husband was overjoyed on being blessed with a girl as his first child, and eagerly learned how to take care of an infant.

As our children were growing, I realised that he stressed more on our daughter becoming independent at the earliest. He got both our son and daughter, bicycles, and encouraged them to go to school by cycle. She was encouraged to cycle to run errands or go visit friends. He even asked her to learn riding and driving and get a license.

Also, he was the first one to support her when she said she wanted to study in Delhi. He accompanied her and stayed in Delhi for the admission procedure, despite the objection voiced by all the elders in the family about her staying away.

Quite surprisingly, he was also the first to realise that she was not at all comfortable at the capital and advised her to return.

He bust my belief of men being incapable of understanding women

I thought that men were incapable of understanding the female perspective and ideas, but he proved me wrong several times. However, there have been situations when he overlooks some of our health issues, but with the right explanation, he does understand it.

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He has always supported both of us to chase our dreams and excel in all what we do. The only time he gets angry is when we give up on ourselves and shy away from any responsibilities thrust on us. He motivates us in a rather different way as he tells us sarcastically that it would be better to quit than just pull along, which actually makes us do our best. I think I “overcame” two surgeries owing to his bolstering my confidence.

I truly feel that the men should support and encourage women rather than cracking misogynist jokes or insulting them publicly. Moreover, in my experience, the male perspective is different from that of women, and includes factors that as women we might be unaware of, especially if they are homemakers.

The world definitely needs men with broader perspectives and wider thinking for women to move forward and shine. So, I fervently believe that be it, my father or my husband, I have been blessed with strong pillars of support.

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