Of bygone bonds

  1. The most recent Malayalam film that I watched on the OTT platform evoked a lot of emotions in me which has prompted me to write this article. \”Sulaikha Manzil\” was a movie that started of on a somewhat cliched flashback, but as it proceeded the storyline was predictable and simple yet so touching. The main protagonists of the movie namely Haala (played by Anarkali Marikar) and Ameen (played by Lukman) are to get married. Both of them have not talked to each other in person and when they do converse to each other on the previous day of the marriage, it seems rather awkward. Moreover, they misunderstand each other and plan to stop the marriage from happening.
    The entire plot of the movie is set in a Muslim community of northern Kerala which is rich in culture. The movie is interspersed with ethnic songs of the community. The melody and the lyrics of the string of songs in the movie are so catchy that we become part of the families. The dances of this movie have a freshness that is so captivating and encourages all to groove with them. The Malabar slang of the movie is so enticing especially in those songs. Moreover, the whole movie ranges over two days prior to a wedding. This marriage is complete with all the ingredients that make it lively ranging from songs to dances which involves the entire community which makes the movie so enticing to the eyes and ears. The colors, the attire, the happy mood and the positivity all have been incorporated keeping in mind that minute details cannot be overlooked.
    The concept of the movie is what made me adore the movie. The protagonists of the movie are practical in their thinking and actions. They are considerate as well as seem very much concerned about the feelings of their family. Be it Ameen when he does not like to hurt his sister\’s feelings and wears the flashy red wedding clothes that his brother-in-law gifted, or when Haala gives in to a marriage without even talking to Ameen. This movie portrays youngsters who are quite different from those we interact with and see today. Haala\’s oldest brother loves her so much that he feels guilty of having refused her first love. The last scene of the movie actually sums up that seamless love and affection he has for his little sister. Similarly, Haala\’s reciprocation towards her brother filled my eyes with tears. The movie resonates with the message that the happiness of those who love us is more important than our happiness. We need to hear the voices of those around us, especially when they feel for us and weep and wish for our well-being.
    This is the genre of movies that I wish the world, especially youngsters would view. We have been lost to a generation of movies that exalt crime, murders and killings which have actually metamorphosed the budding generation to be unforgiving and filled with hatred.When the media, mainly movies portray characters who treat people with respect and care for others, we could encourage the young generation to mimic this. Although we preach that movies are just fiction, it is far beyond this in the minds of most of the viewers. So, if we create a positive mindset in youngsters through these movies, probably we could create a world with less of enmity and hatred. May we have more such movies and more such directors and a crew that support non- violence.


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