Pressures of Society

” I don’t think people know how hard it is not to conceive and how well planned we are?!” Hansa retorted. This was the first time she had replied so bluntly to her mother. But, she was forced to do so.
Hansa had been married for four years and she had a vision of her own. Her mother had been part of this vision prior to her marriage, but as time went by her mother began to fall into the pressure of their relatives and neighbours. On the other hand, most of Hansa’s husband’s family members knew her and never asked about “the good news” or “the arrival of a new member into the family”.
From childhood, Hansa always had been focused. She was always academically oriented and chose her steps very carefully. She could neither be intimidated by overpowering relatives nor discouraged by her poor economic status. In fact, it was these very factors that kept her driven. She earned enough from her scholarships right from her teenage years, to support her supportive family. Later, she was even offered an international scholarship, but refused it, so that she could physically be there for her family when they needed her.
She got married to Fayaz, the true love of her life. They had not only exchanged their ideas but also promised to help each other reach their respective goals. Although both of them had their own inclinations, they ensured that it did not interfere with their family life. This meant that they were extra careful when planning for a child.
But, the people around them seemed not to understand. Initially, it was just friendly enquiries about their “plans”. As time went by, the enquiries turned into suggestions which then metamorphosed into ‘duas’ and prayers. Every family gathering became an unbearable venture for Hansa, especially. Women were more intent at finding whose “incapability” was responsible for such a “misfortune” in their life. In the first two years, Hansa’s family supported her decision unconditionally. By the third year, her mother seemed perturbed by the relentless enquiries of even acquaintances. Even Haneefa, the usually calm, older sister of Hansa seemed irked by her inquisitive neighbours.
So, now Hansa was forced to give an explanation that she and her husband had to be careful not to bring forth a life onto this earth till they were completely prepared for it. They knew very well that they were against the Indian community’s solid beliefs. Usually, new couples blame fate and bring forth a child, hardly ready to take up the responsibility or exalt God but secretly blame everyone else and ‘somehow’ accommodate the little being. But, both Hansa and her better half wanted to take the plunge only when they had reached their goals.
Now, she was sure that her mother would understand them. She knew that the time, energy and effort that she had invested to become an officer in the civil service cadre was something she would never regret. Meanwhile, her husband too, had been working hard to direct his first film. Their dreams could not be buried or forgotten to give in to the pressure of the society and its senseless ways. They very well knew how much care and time was required for a child and its upbringing. They had seen the struggles of their siblings and friends.


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