When I ‘Discovered’ A Friend In Someone I Was Sceptical About

Every person we meet in this world could leave an indelible mark in our life, if allowed to do so. This is what I personally believe.

Around a year and a half ago, a new tutor, Jamsheena, joined our institute. She was asked to sit in my class to understand the module that I was teaching. I wasn’t very excited as I felt that this was going to be one of those times when I would have to answer her endless queries. But, she sat there in rapt attention and took down each and every word that I spoke. For the entire week, she sat for my class and repeated this day after day, with the same zeal.

For some unknown reason, I did not feel like talking much to her. But, as the days passed, I sort of began to like her. She was a non-judgmental person and was open to all suggestions and advice. This seemed quite new to me as most of the new tutors, in particular, and people in general, were not at all receptive to any type of advices.

Over due course, I “discovered” a real friend. We had a lot of similar interests and almost the same wavelength. She would talk about something in particular to which I would add something more, and then our conversation would roll on for at least half an hour. The most fascinating quality that I saw in her was the way she dealt with any situation. She had the knack of dealing with even the most obstinate and irritated student in the most calm manner. She also knew how to deal with even the most hurting remarks in a composed manner.

However, I have felt that she is far too sensitive than anyone I have met so far. She cannot control her tears if she sees someone shed tears of happiness or cries. She has motivated me as much or even sometimes more than my family. She has helped me to unleash my hidden talents and grow without any inhibitions. She has taught me to think from a perspective that I never knew existed. We think alike and so as colleagues our co-existence has helped us to collaborate on different levels, professionally.

Women need to support each other as this gender has more health problems that only one of the same gender can relate to easily. When we confide to each other about these issues, we actually feel relieved to know that these issues are common and more importantly, easily treatable. Be it issues haunting the mind or aches of the body, we are able to understand each other.

Before we became friends, I thought that only people of the same age understood each other, but we are two decades apart, yet so similar in thought.

When speaking or voicing her thoughts, she is careful enough to let her heart refine her words, although her words flow from her head. This means that she chooses her words carefully. She is quick to get a place in the hearts of people with her subtle ways.

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At this point of time, when I am in that juncture of life where crises just seem a daily thing, I am blessed to have an honest confidant like her. May this companionship last life long!


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