5 Things Parents Of Daughters MUST Speak Up About, Never Mind Log Kya Kahenge

Here is a list of things parents of daughters need to speak up about, but they keep mum and let the daughters suffer. Don't.

Here is a list of things parents of daughters need to speak up about, but they keep mum and let the daughters suffer. Don’t.

Let’s face it, Indian society is patriarchal and the reason is people not trying to change things in the name of culture or values!

Girls/women still have a long way to go when it comes to emancipation and empowerment. It will happen when parents of daughters don’t keep quiet or think about “chaar log and samaaj”.

Lamenting the birth of a daughter

Society laments the birth of girls still in this 21st Century. I have seen new parents getting bogged down by the pressure.

Parents, its your daughter/daughters, stand up for them! They did not ask you to give them birth. Celebrate their birth, their existence.

Disrespect by relatives/ acquaintance/ strangers

Please give it back to the person, be it anyone, who passes snide remarks about your daughter’s height, weight, complexion, “not getting married after a certain age”, freedom, job, etc., etc. When parents don’t stand up for their daughters when they are humiliated the girls feel betrayed.

Silencing girls if molested, sexually abused, assaulted, even raped

Daily I read so, so many cases of sexual abuse of girls by known people where the parents have asked them to keep quiet and themselves have kept quiet because of “family honor”.  I mean really??  Is the “honor” more important than the trauma of your daughter?

Girls asked to compromise by the groom’s family

Indian parents are so desperate to marry their daughters off that they quietly accept everything that the boy’s family demands; be it dowry, their daughter leaving her job, their daughter obeying their wishes, having a child, etc., etc.  Why? Why are they so desperate?  Don’t treat her like a burden or duty.

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Silencing daughters if abused in a marriage

When daughters are in a bad marriage, suffering day in and day out, tortured emotionally, beaten and humiliated, the parents keep mum and ask the daughter to keep mum and ‘adjust’. What kind of parents see their daughter getting thrashed and humiliated and keep quiet and go on with their life? No point in crying if your daughter dies or goes into deep depression.

Buck up parents! Your silence is killing so many girls out there. You gave birth to them and its your responsibility to support them, stand by them. Your precious daughter is more important than those “so-called chaar log, samaaj, and izzat.”

Show some guts, raise your voice..

Image source: a still from the film Drishyam 2

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