Dear Women, Stop Trying To Be A Superwoman, You Need Help Too!

Women are constantly expected to be superwomen when it comes to managing the family, their careers and the kitchen. I think it's time we stopped that!

Women are constantly expected to be superwomen when it comes to managing the family, their careers and the kitchen. I think it’s time we stopped that!

I have seen so many women complaining that they are overworked on Sundays, during vacations, and festivals. These women are constantly stressed out with work when there are guests are at home. They slog and slog catering to the demands of the husband, children, and the guests and they do this nonstop! Women, stop! Just stop.

You are a human not a robot without emotions or pain. You’re supposed to work relentlessly, without complaining, with a smile, run errands and serve everyone, pretending like you’re never tired. Just stop trying to project yourself as a superhuman.

You need vacations too!

Sundays and holidays should be your rest days too. Be a little more vocal.  Seek help and cooperation from your family. Unless you are vocal no one is going to bother with your tiredness, overwork, stress, aches and pains. Stop making a number of dishes for everyone, according to their whims and fancies.

You need to tell your husband and children to help you out in the kitchen if they want dishes of their choice. It is totally unacceptable that they watch TV or play games while you slog and sweat alone. At the same time, it is also okay to order in or eat out, every once a while. Stop thinking about who would judge you.

Accommodate the guests but not too much

If a guest comes over unannounced, try to accommodate them in your schedule but also let them know that will be cooking only the basic stuff and maybe a delicacy or two. I have heard so many women lament that despite their delectable cooking, no one seems to appreciate them. On the contrary, people believe that these women should have done more. You don’t need to be rude, neither do you need to be a doormat. Once again, stop bothering about the people who judge you.

In this day and age, with nuclear families and working women, women don’t just want to slog in the kitchen. At such times, families and the guests should be a little more helpful and understanding. Women just suffer silently while people take her for granted.

Don’t be superwoman, just be you

Don’t try to be the ideal wife, mother, daughter-in-law and host. Rather, try and be more human in your approach. Be the woman who gets help, sits with everyone, eats and chats with them. Outsourcing the work won’t make you any less of a woman or a bad host. Don’t wait for anyone to allow you to follow this approach. When you worry about everyone’s comfort and choices, count yourself in that as well.

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And once again, stop bothering about the people who judge you. Instead, when someone judges you, ask them if they would come and help you!

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