Man Allegedly Masturbates On Woman At Gurgaon Metro Station, Hurls Abuses When She Retaliated

A man allegedly masturbated on a woman and hurled abuses at her after she retaliated at a metro station. Are molesters now not even scared and instead take pride in abusing women?

A man allegedly masturbated on a woman and hurled abuses at her after she retaliated at a metro station. Are molesters now not even scared and instead take pride in abusing women?

A 29-year-old woman in Gurgaon has claimed that a man masturbated on her and hurled abuse back at her when she slapped him for his perverted deeds. Surprising fact here was that all of this happened at 9:45 pm at the Huda City Centre Metro Station.

The women narrated the harrowing incident on Twitter. She mentioned that when she came out of a store at the metro station she felt something on her back while climbing down an escalator. When she turned she saw this man shamelessly masturbating on her. She slapped him hard and in response, he hurled abuses at her.

Not just this she called for police but no one came forward and this gave this guy the time to run. The shamelessness was seen in the point that according to her he ran away “flashing at her”.

What about safety?

The women mentioned that soon after this he ran to a police chowki and it was closed. She even messaged the Gurgaon Police official facebook page but no one responded.

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“I sent a written text on Gurugram police’s Facebook messenger, they read it but never reverted. I sent the text to DMRC then where I was immediately called for identification in CCTV, which I did yesterday. ”

Something like this happening in metro a transport that is considered to be safe is definitely something to think about. On top of that is 9:45 too late in the night that police can’t even provide proper security in public places? Have molesters become so fearless that they take pride in molesting women?

Why do men feel it’s alright to molest and that women don’t even have the right to retaliate?

The entire incident has raised the big question that how men think they own the streets and can do whatever they want. The way the pervert hurled abuses at the woman after she slapped him shows how powerless he thinks women are.

The patriarchy in our society has nurtured men to think of women as inferior. It has made them think of women as commodities of pleasure who don’t have a right to object. This entire incident is the result of this seed that patriarchy has sown in society.

This is not the first time that a woman was molested at a public place which is considered to be “safe”. Recently a girl was molested in temple premises amidst tons of people. Apart from that, a lady was molested in an ATM a place that is covered by CCTV cameras. All these incident raise a major questions on security, and the audacity of molesters.

The girl even mentioned that she feels scared to register an FIR. No matter how regressive this sounds, it is the harsh reality of our society. Many women get ‘eve teased’ and molested on streets but are generally scared of filling an FIR because of the fear of getting things worse. Women are scared that in a country where rape, acid attacks and molestation is so common, if they register a complaint or retaliate, they could turn out to be the next victim of such heinous crimes just out of revenge. There is no guarantee of security, and that’s an unfortunate truth of our society.

It’s high time that we ask ourselves: how are we raising our kids? How have we lost the basic value of respect and dignity? How have men become so fearless that feel it is OK to molest women at public places which are “considered to be safe”? Why we haven’t been able to provide a safe environment for victims to retaliate and take actions against crimes? and Why are the perpetrators not scared of the police, but the victims often are!?

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