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Strange Man Flashes With Impunity In ATM, Girl Takes Video As He Wouldn’t Stop, Goes Viral

In a video that went viral on social media, a man is seen flashing to a girl inside an ATM. This was a safe, known area for the girl, and there was also a cop car outside. High time to ask: where can women be safe?

In a video that went viral on social media, a man is seen flashing to a girl inside an ATM. This was a safe, known area for the girl, and there was also a cop car outside. High time to ask: where can women be safe?

On Sunday night, a 38-year-old man was arrested for flashing his private parts to a young woman inside a State Bank of India ATM at Navghar locality in Mulund, Mumbai on Sunday.

In an account of the incident posted on Twitter 23-year-old Shibani narrates the deplorable incident.

She was coming from a party to celebrate her birthday, and she asked the rickshaw to stop at an ATM to withdraw money. Unfortunately there was no money in the ATM. At this very point the 38-year-old molester entered the ATM. He offered to help, when she politely refused, but instead of stepping away, he began touching her inappropriately under the pretext of offering help, unzipped his pants and flashed his dick at her. That’s when Shibani decided to record him. Seeing the camera he hurriedly covered up everything and ran off. Luckily when she stepped out of the ATM she saw a police car. She went to them and showed them the video.

Shibani also posted it on Instagram.

How is being drunk an excuse for such a horrendous behavior?

This excuse is age old, men blaming ‘alcohol’ for their disgusting behaviour. We need to ask this question that how being drunk has become an excuse for low mentality – alcohol removes social inhibitions, and a man’s true mentality actually comes forth if drunk, so let’s focus on the mentality and unmask these men having a mentality that still considers women as just a mode of pleasure.

Being under influence of alcohol cannot justify molestation. It cannot justify the very fact that a person doesn’t understand the concept of consent.

Where are women safe?

One other question that this incident raises is, where are women safe? An ATM is considered as a secure place because of the presence of cameras, and such a crime happening there really raises a big question on women’s security. Not only that, according to Shibani, this particular locality is a place which she considered to be ‘safe’. Molestation happening in such a safe area, under the supervision of cameras, and despite the fact that there was a cop car outside the ATM makes us wonder – where is the fear while committing a crime? Where is the fair of consequences?

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Shibani was also ‘lucky’ in that she had cops right outside who acted promptly on her raising an alarm and arrested the molester. But what about areas where there is no such security? And the police in India do not have a great track record either!

Women get molested on streets, on public transport, in workplaces, and many times at their own houses, and at places which society believes are ‘safe’. Sexual harassment, including inappropriate flashing, is a crime in our country, and it’s high time that we ask – when will people be scared of committing such crimes?

The accused has now been arrested and Shibani is all hell-bent to make him pay in a completely lawful way, for what he did. The surprising fact over here is that the man blamed “being drunk” as a reason for his deplorable behaviour.

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