21 y.o. Molested In Temple, Fully Clothed, With Parents; Can You Answer Her Pertinent Question?

Recently on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya, a 21-year-old was molested in a temple and we ask, where are women safe?

Rape cases, acid attacks, molestation; these heinous crimes have now become a day to day business. Our society claims that short clothes, roaming around with guys and going out in the night” is the reason for rape. But what about the little girls getting raped, girls in burquas getting raped, fully clothed women in temples getting molested?

It’s often said that being in areas that are safe will prevent molestation, but recently a 21-year-old was molested in a temple.

We ask where is the safe place?

21-year-old Riya Dubey, in an Instagram post narrated the deplorable incident of molestation during Akshay Tritiya in a Temple in Vrindaban.

There were thousands of people in the temple due to the festive occasion. As the family went inside, they got disbanded. It was so thronged that one couldn’t even see the other family member. Since the motive was to seek the blessings, they waited in the disorganized queue. And when the crowd moved forward, the girl felt someone grabbing her ass.

She looked back and pushed the crowd. Within a few minutes, someone pulled her hair. She somehow managed to escape. The harassment took place inside the temple as she narrates.

“Then I started looking for my family while pushing the crowd, suddenly one hand comes to my waist and somebody opened my top from the right side and grabbed my right breast. I was frozen and I couldn’t turn to my right because I was in a very crowded place at that time.”

This entire incident has again raised the big question of security.

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We want security not policing

Since ages women have been told to do this and that and prevent any kind of molestation against them. But day by the day incidents like these are raising questions on society’s mentality of ‘schooling’ and controlling women instead of providing them with basic security.

Recently a man flashed his private parts to a girl in an ATM and then this incident – it raises the big question of security. If a sacred place like a temple, and a place under CCTV surveillance are not safe, then how can we consider our streets to be safe?

It’s high time that we ask what we are doing as a society to protect women, rather than schooling women to behave in a certain manner. It’s a small question that Riya Dubey recently asked on her social media, and since then she has received many responses from people who have been through some kind of molestation. It’s high time that we speak up and work towards a better and more secure country for our women and children.

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