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As A C-Section Mother, I Wear My Scar With Pride; Keep Away Your Judgement!

Posted: April 10, 2019

The news of the birth of a newborn is truly to be cherished. But every time such news is given, bang comes a follow up question, normal or C-section?

The scar on my belly is my pride, a constant reminder that I made a difficult choice to save two lives.

A normal birth, as a phenomenon, is assumed to be a rebirth of the mother herself, through the excruciating labour pain and pushing the baby out. On the contrary the C-section is assumed to be a planned, painless delivery.

I am A C-section mom myself I have always wondered, does this tiny little fact make me any less of a mother?

Even today, when I remember the day my doctor told me that I will have to be operated on because of medical concerns, and a normal delivery might be dangerous, I felt disappointed, as browsing through all the birthing methods, I knew I wanted to bring my kid absolutely naturally and not in a state of dizzy confusion!

Thankful for the support of my family, I settled myself mentally. But no amount of strength prepares you when you are being prepped up by the nurses. How scared and anxious the OT makes you while you take the epidural! I had to take two shots as in the first one I moved and my doctor said, “don’t do that dear it will hurt you only!” Alas, I didn’t know it meant a nagging hip ache which I would have even after years!

My abs, that were split into two have never again seen better days, even after copious amounts of running, yoga and training!

The slow and painful recovery, that reduced me to a puddle of tears every time I was asked to get down from the bed and walk! It took all my strength to straighten up and feed my little bundle of joy who refused to latch! My tryst went on with that even when I was back at home and all I did was pump and feed till about two weeks post delivery.

A painful ordeal and recovery, yet I would do it all over again, for the little person who calls me mother, and whom I am the most beautiful and amusing person.

As a mother you nurture a little being, and that makes you every bit a goddess that you are, irrespective of the way you bring your child in this world.

A version of this was first published here.

Image source: pixabay

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