‘Moms Gone Mad’… Literally A Mad Campaign By Firstcry

Posted: July 14, 2019

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Firstcry, a leading e-commerce platform for all things kids, right from staples like clothes to toys and even toiletries, recently launched a campaign, where you would see a lot of moms/kids between the age of 1-5 claiming that their moms have gone crazy thanks to the irresistible sale online.
 My online feed is full of mommies claiming that they have gone mad shopping!

I am a mother of a 5-year-old and really annoyed and disappointed with this shallow approach of Firstcry to grab the attention of shoppers by terming, “moms gone mad”.

I being a mom, do go mad time to time but trust me Firstcry! shopping doesn’t even come close to being the reason. My reasons are fairly simple… a conference call during late hours, my daughters health, PTM, school projects, worrying about healthy snacks, rationing the screen time, chocolates, Nutella, candies (thanks to wonderful marketers like you who sell these sugar-laden treats to kids)
, keeping up with dance classes, yoga classes, grocery list, my travel schedule and finally when I get a bit time for myself I go mad thinking about my battle with keeping fit.

Shopping doesn’t even get to the list of my maddening woes.
 Maddening is the worry of keeping up with mental and physical development of my kid, to help her attain all the life skills. To help her grow at her own pace without being too pushy or too strict as a parent. To help her be fashion-forward and not a fashion victim. To help her not to get caught between the fight of blue for boys and pink for girls.

Hope next time you would really understand why mommies go mad and try a bit better, in helping us keeping our madness at bay!!

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Image via Pixabay

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