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Can’t We Let Sridevi’s Soul Rest In Peace, Instead Of Shredding It To Pieces?

Posted: February 27, 2018

Sridevi’s death has led to relentless speculations regarding her lifestyle and health. Can’t we offer a bit more grace and dignity to the departed soul?

I got up at around 5 AM on 25th February, with a ping on my phone. (When you have a son in the hostel and aging parents staying away from you, your phone is always next to you.)

The News App on my phone announced with a deathly finality that the movie star Sridevi was no more. I hoped it was a hoax, but sadly…

Even before the body (how I hate this mechanical term! Suddenly a life becomes a file.) had reached India, already, there were various write-ups floating around, dissecting her death.

About medicines consumed and surgeries suffered to keep the soaring weight down, by destroying hunger and increasing metabolic rate, thereby increasing the pressure on her heart. About alcohol imbibed.

Is this the time really, to bring out the knives to cut the departed soul and shred her dignity to pieces? The grace to not shoot poison-tipped arrows, is expected of us.

In these relentless online times, we are all victims of this disease of not wanting to age, not wanting to grey, or wrinkle. There is a time for every discussion, but it is not right now. Let us mourn the loss of this stellar performer. God bless this departed soul, who entertained us, made us cry, laugh, and lust.

As a South Indian, I have had the double privilege of seeing her act in some superlative flicks in both Telugu and in Hindi. There are so many to list. But one thing is for sure. Mate! Your health matters! That’s the lesson for me today.

The rest of the takeaways? More will surely tumble out with time!

“Yeh Lamhe ChaalBaaz hain, Sridevi. Seriously, they don’t make them like you anymore.”

Rest in Peace.

Image Source: YouTube

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  1. She was a celebrity and I guess the intrusion, judgement etc stems from there. The psychology of people with celebrities is very strange. Since these celebrities are such stars, the kind of envious lifestyle they lead and opportunities that comes to their children and not to another, a common man/woman behaves differently. Also, we believe that since we made her(audience adulation) we have a RIGHT over her.Not to forget, we are in a democracy and technology is everyone’s right. To shame or not to shame, to judge or not to judge is an individual choice. It’s like AIB roast- if you cannot handle it, don’t see it. But, like a celebrity once said- with power, stardom , freedom of speech and expression comes a sense of RESPONSIBILITY. ‘Who are we to judge what other’s should do or not do?’ We can and should only monitor our behavior and our choices and that is exactly what Gandhiji said- Be the change you wish to see in the world. To expect everyone around you to change and walk by certain standards is difficult. What I also think is that people with famous celebrities it is a double edged sword.People also follow them, their lifestyle, their values and their actions- courtesy-their being celebrity. While the celebrities adore this adulation that comes their way, they guess forget that there is a price for everything too. You see everything comes with a baggage, a price. People are policing her lifestyle because they emulated her, many would be living their life based on choices she made for her life. She endorsed products solely because she had a brand associated and people followed her. This ensured money for her, the brand and fame of course. So to say why people are discussing her is not the right question to my mind. Psychologically speaking, there is one more aspect- a common middle class india finds the celebrities beyond reach, demigods, larger than life and to know that they have human fralities just like each one of us, makes the common man settle for his or her reality of life. It happens all across and even more in India where Bollywood and cricket are equivalent to religion. So, what do we do? To me, pray and ensure I am not a part of it is the best I can do. It is a difficult world —–I agree.

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