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She’s Not Just A Pretty Face [#Poetry]

A woman is more than her body. She’s not just a pretty face. Her beauty is within, in the ‘woman’ she is inside, and that is what matters.

She’s not just a pretty face,
To brighten up your day,
She’s not just a pretty face,
To laugh with and have your way,
She’s not just a pretty face ,
To massage your ego and pass your time,
Shes not just a pretty face,
To be the background tune in your rhyme.

You thought you could undermine her might,
Because of your limited short sight,
But such is the power of truth and light,
That she is destined to touch new heights.

You say women are equal,
Yet you belittle her worth,
You demean her efforts and sweat,
When you associate success to her gender at first

You’re wired to think that a woman be shy,
Despite being in an era where she’s taught to ask why,
You’re wired to think that if she drinks she’ll fall all over the place,
Despite being in an era where women have capacity to overtake you in the rat race,
You’re wired to think she can either be one thing or be another,
Despite being an era where she’s trained to be a daughter, friend, employee and mother

The next time you downplay a woman calling her just a pretty face,
Remember to first match up with the challenges in her days,
She’s not just living up to the years she was educated,
She’s also fighting a silent battle to ensure she’s celebrated,
Remember she’s not just a pretty face but a little bit of pretty all,
Remember she’s not just a pretty face but an epitome of something that rises higher each time she falls

She’s not just a pretty face!

Published here earlier.

Image Source: By Yosarian (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

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Madhusha Dash. I'm a 30 year old sales professional working in Linkedin Technologies. I have avid interest in writing, dancing and cooking. I love interacting with different kinds of people and understanding 'who is the person behind the face put up to the world' in my interactions and strive at doing this at work as well as personal life. My writings are my way of making my intangible observations and thoughts tangible and alive.

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