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For You Were Born To Build, Even If You Are Building Alone! [#Poetry]

Posted: October 10, 2016

It is a fallacy that women are weak. Women are strong in ways that no one can guess, not until they need to draw on that strength to build their selves.

You could not wait

to grow up and live your

wildest dreams and funny nightmares.


You could not wait

to transform from

an unsure girl to a determined woman.


You could not wait

to read books that weren’t meant for you

and write poems that ruined you.


You could not wait

to understand the difference

between being loved and loving someone.


You could not wait

to get your hands dirty

or fall for the one who left you in the dark.


You could not wait

to get your heart broken or meet failure

at a crossroads, you knew so well.


You could not wait.

You just could not.


But you do not have to be that woman.

You do not have to be the woman

who lets someone write her story,

You do not have to be the woman

who gives up on her dreams because of a gory nightmare,

You do not have to be the woman

who waits for someone to resurrect her broken tower.


For you were born to build.

Even if you are building alone.


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