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Just a storyteller making memories. Curly. Part obnoxious, part delusional. Prefers books to people. Lives for words and coffee. Plans to go on a holiday every month, and fails miserably.

Voice of Sunaina Patnaik

For You Were Born To Build, Even If You Are Building Alone! [#Poetry]

It is a fallacy that women are weak. Women are strong in ways that no one can guess, not until they need to draw on that strength to build their selves.

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Being Cautious Is Important, Yes, But Sometimes You Need To Be Fearless And Act

As women, we are taught to always be cautious, but sometimes being fearless is important if we are to stand up for ourselves and be someone.

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Alone On Valentine’s Day? No Problem! Here’s How To Have Fun

Are you a single woman with nothing to do and no date on Valentine's Day? Fret not. This is what you can do to have fun!

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Woman, You Are Not Safe!

If a woman is attacked in this country, is a candle-light march the best she can expect? Or will law and society actually act to support her?

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How Do You Raise Your Son?

We always talk about how a girl should grow up. Let's talk about boys now. Let's talk about to how to raise our sons.

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