Alone On Valentine’s Day? No Problem! Here’s How To Have Fun

Are you a single woman with nothing to do and no date on Valentine's Day? Fret not. This is what you can do to have fun!

Are you a single woman with nothing to do and no date on Valentine’s Day? Fret not. This is what you can do to have fun!

Oh no, it’s that time of the year. With Valentine’s Day and all that jazz stirring unwanted and unrecognizable emotions in all single women, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most of us just want to survive the day without feeling dizzy. I mean, come on, no matter how amazing being single is, we all love hearts and flutters, don’t we?

So, this year, let me tell you how to survive the gory V-day in style and glory. And oh, these suggestions have been tried-and-tested, and have withstood the times of despair.

1. Go home or go broke: Every girl knows that retail therapy is the only antidote to the lack of love. If you have been lusting for a certain pair of shoes, just get it. You deserve to indulge a little.

2. Write to yourself: Love letters sound mushy, but who doesn’t love receiving one? Write yourself a letter and use FutureMe to send it to yourself on the 14th of February.

3. Do something new: Have you been wanting to do something badly but haven’t been doing it because of fear? Well, it’s time to send that fear into the dark corner of a closet you forgot even existed. Go on, do it.

4. Watch Friends: If shopping is one antidote, the screen series Friends is another. Order in some pizza and overdose yourself with the tomfoolery of Joey and charm of Ross. You are all sorted!

5. Reward yourself: You don’t need a boy to buy you some chocolate and flowers. You can do that yourself. Run to your closest store this season for some Lindt and tulips. Or, you can send them to yourself online if you don’t want to come across as ‘Forever Alone’ but then who cares?

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6. Cook for yourself: There is no joy greater than cooking for yourself. Revive that MasterChef within yourself and gift yourself true ambrosia.

7. Wine, wine, and more wine: Wine helps. It always did, and it always will. And the good time to get a bottle of wine is NOW.

8. Girl gang and ice-cream: The best therapy ever known to mankind is the fact that you can sit with your girls, devour your favourite ice-cream and talk about how stupid boys are. Yes, the only boys you need in your life are ‘Ben and Jerry’.

9. Doll up: You’re in for some luck. With V-day falling on Sunday, you can doll up and head to your favourite place for a Sunday brunch. Who knows? Cupid might strike you there. But even if he doesn’t, you certainly know what to do.

You are a girl of business and you’ve got lots to do. A happy Valentine’s Day, by the way.

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