A Request From My Consciousness [#Poetry]

Posted: October 24, 2016

When we are in pain, what if we can reassure the struggling woman inside us that she is not alone? A sensitively expressed poem.

Hey! Did I just hear something

Was it you screaming

I am sure to hear that loud scorching heat.

But I see your eyes, they are as cold as that of a dead person


Would you ever let me in your eyes?

I am in search of the voice that haunts me

Why don’t you let me know if it’s you

Did you erect a wall to suppress it?


What have they done to you?

You told me that you wanted to sing but

I see there is no music now in your soul

You said you once danced when stars twinkled but

Why  are you now still when lightning strikes?


Can I please ask you to dream like you did?

Can I please ask you to ignore or fight back your hurdles?

Can I please ask you to create the best portrait of yourself?

Can I please ask you to be you?


Would you mind putting your happiness ahead of others?

Would you mind stop fearing threats and start to embrace?

Would you mind defining happiness again?

Would you mind If I help you to preserve you?


Come on darling! If you get rejection,

I will be with you

If you feel shaky, I will wrap around.

I am nothing but you.

You have lighted me

Now its my turn.

Try me

Lets begin afresh…

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