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A Business Analyst and a homemaker. Main motto of her life is to keep herself happy.She does so by reading good books

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Life Of An NRI, Not A Bed Of Roses

Life as an NRI is the way you perceive it. there are positives and negatives everywhere, it absolutely depends on how you want to take it.

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Open Letter To All Moral Policing Aunties: “It’s Not Your Fault; No One’s Fault, Yet We’re All Responsible!”

"You remembered that you couldn't do it, but this girl is trying to have her own choice?" The author writes to all aunties who moral police young women, pointing out how we are all responsible.

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What Does It Mean To You To Go To Work, As A Woman? As A Mom?

I'm going to hurt many around me if I say that as a young mother, going to work could be only if I want 'social acceptance'. Isn’t it a fact that society will make me insecure if I don’t earn?

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Draupadi’s Tears

Draupadi calls out the injustice meted out to her in this poem. Read on.

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Unapologetically A Mom!

You are a mom. You work hard. You deserve to bring up your child stress free and guilt free.

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the sword of words
The Sword Of Words [#Poetry]

Words can hurt as much as actions, and sometimes words can kill the person inside. A poignant portrayal of emotional abuse.

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A Request From My Consciousness [#Poetry]

When we are in pain, what if we can reassure the struggling woman inside us that she is not alone? A sensitively expressed poem.

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When PMS Symptoms Make People Call You Cruella, It Hurts. Here’s What I Did.

PMS symptoms can make you feel cranky, but it's no reason to feel guilty. Here's what you can do about it.

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