Unapologetically A Mom!

Posted: September 7, 2018

You are a mom. You work hard. You deserve to bring up your child stress free and guilt free.

Oh, how I wish I could start my career again. Those were the times when I had wings. I could fly anywhere. I could see anything. I see my single friends on Facebook who are travelling places or doing a great job. All those girls in suits and high heels. I had dreams of leading that life. It did come to me, but it was short. God had plans and I am a proud mother of a two-year-old now.

Hi, I am a stay at home mom who had peaked in her career once. You must be imagining me to be a sad hopeless person who is washing dishes and cleaning baby with a very glorious past. Should you pity on me? Absolutely not!

I am a stay at home mom by choice. Not every woman who stays at home is forced to do so. Yes, there are a number of cases but please don’t assume that we are all creatures of sympathy at any point of time.

In fact, being a mother is a job which requires more strength and power than any other in the world. We deserve equal treatment and nothing less. I have many single friends out there who call and say, “Oh poor dear you have to stay at home to take care of the baby all day”. Well, yes. Because I want to. I have given birth to it and it’s my responsibility and most important, I love to do it.

I had an option to put my baby in a daycare and start again. I am not saying that daycares are bad or anything, but it is still a choice to be made. If you don’t like to put your little one in a daycare, then so be it. I can understand the problem of people with financial needs but otherwise I urge you to look within yourself.  Not because the society demands it. Not because you might look worthless. It’s a matter of what you want!

What if I give a break to my career? Will I be able to start again?

I think there are two major aspects. First, prioritize. Please do not start a daycare only because others are doing it. Come on, its still a baby. Babies do not understand trends. If you have talent, and a passion then it will definitely come to you – all you need is to give some time to the thing which you have created.

The second major aspect is, lady, you are a human being. Have some pity on yourself. It’s good to work hard but juggling so much? What will you get? Neither at home nor at work. Take a break for a year or two. Nurture your little one a bit so that their roots get deeper.

Once they are on their own then jump back into what you want. It will take some effort but trust me, it will be worth it.

Most importantly, shut those up who call you just a mom. It’s important. It’s necessary. You know you are not. You have taken so much pain in bringing that thing up.

So what if you have not attended a meeting for a while, you have spent sleepless nights thinking how to breast feed. So what if you have not met deadlines, you have given your selfless effort to bring her fever down. So what if you have not made presentations, you have changed diapers and cooked meals nonstop from the past few years. Do you think it’s less of a job? My dear, its hundred times harder than a corporate job.

Take pride in your job. They might be bringing the revenue up, but you are bringing a human being up. That’s a miracle in itself. The last thing which you would want is to be guilty and depressed on not being able to ‘Work’. Look for yourself. You are working. Much more and much higher than others. Stop taking it as something which should be undermined.

You are a mom. You work hard. You deserve to bring up your child stress free and guilt free. So, straighten up you are doing a great job!

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