When PMS Symptoms Make People Call You Cruella, It Hurts. Here’s What I Did.

PMS symptoms can make you feel cranky, but it's no reason to feel guilty. Here's what you can do about it.

PMS symptoms can make you feel cranky, but it’s no reason to feel guilty. Here’s what you can do about it.

So now we know that women are being judged all over the world. They are said to have low emotional sustainability. We often hear stories about cribbing and shouting women who we label ‘Fighter Jets’ or ‘Cruella’. No one wants to be labelled as one but its very hard to avoid such thing. Unless you are very strong headed and can manage your PMS well.

Now let’s fragment it and try to understand it on our body level. We all know that we have a hormone called estrogen. This little buddy goes away every month and lets another hormone, progesterone, take over the castle.

Now let’s imagine your husband spilled water on floor. On other days you might just look at him and he would clean it up or you yourself would clean it up. But with this progesterone acting in our head, it would make your husband’s action seem like a big mistake, and you can feel as if he accidentally broke a reservoir!

You shout at him. He is confused. He might protest. Well well. That’s it! It feels your husband is being mean. He has been doing this forever. Its just that you have always borne it. you start crying. You would cry until you feel it difficult to open your eyes.

If you have a great husband, then he would listen to you and understand that its not you who is speaking. But the problem is that not every husband is understanding and knows what’s going wrong with his wife. Result? Domestic fights, dissatisfaction – then one thing leads to another and you might get depressed or even end up breaking a relationship. You will be called names.

But after few days you feel guilty.

So ladies why not go to the root level and catch hold of this guy who has created a whirlpool in the life. I have observed my past PMS cycles and decided to beat it in a natural way. So here is how I tried to resolve this and had very good results.

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  • Acceptance– The first step to resolve an issue is to understand that there is an issue.
  • Diet– I had cut caffeine completely and switched to health from taste (By now you know what healthy food means).
  • Exercise– You knew this coming. Didn’t you? Well I get lazy hitting gym so I have found a work around. Power Yoga. It has helped me a lot.
  • Keeping a tab of my emotions – So I have a little journal of my emotional outbursts. I try to analyse why this happened and what can I do to avoid this in future. I help a great deal.
  • Talking to friend– I started to have better social relationships it helped me getting myself distracted from the feeling of me and only me.

I want to share from my experience in this forum because I know there are still many many women in India who do not even know why they are irritable. But small steps do make a difference.

Cheers Ladies! Stay happy.

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