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Free Soul [#Poetry]

Posted: October 17, 2016

As women, we can rebel, refuse to fit in with the norm, and chart our own destiny, striving to be a free soul!

Buried under the smiles,
There are dreams I am trying to find,
They aren’t flashy, not those usual ones,

Beneath those happy go lucky times,
There are desires that lay hidden,
Some of them eccentric, not so usual,

In my own space,
With just a few around,
I don’t need all of the world, I don’t care
If I am not your kind,

It doesn’t bother me if I don’t fit in with what’s norm,
One life it is and I would rather live,
On my own terms and in my own way,

They might call me a recluse,
But that isn’t really an excuse,
To not have the freedom to have my own views,

The usual doesn’t excite me,
Age doesn’t stop me,
Relations can never bind me,

My mind and heart will always strive,
This is how I want to thrive,
To be nothing but just a free soul!

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