Accept Me As I Am [#Poem]

Posted: August 1, 2016

Women are expected to be what society deems proper for a woman – here is a call out to accept a woman as she is!

With my flaws and with all the faults,
With my eccentricities and with all the messy ways,
With my unusual dreams and with endless figments of imaginations,
With my nonchalance and unruffled attitude towards who try to judge,

Accept me with all this and so much more..

I would rather show you my vices and leave the virtues to unfold,
No one minds the goodness, imperfections bother the world,
Smudgy lines discomfort the society and gets talked about on every street,
As I look at it, blemishes are just as much part of me,

Accept me with all this and so much more..

Don’t walk into my life as a prince charming,
Be real, be human and be the individual you are,
And accept the same from me,
Not all that you are charms me, not all that I am will please you,

Accept me for who I am, accept me with all good, bad and ugly..
Accept me with all this and so much more…

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Preeti Agarwal -

    Powerful. Indeed a beautiful way to convey strength.

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