Namita Kohli Arora

A software engineer by profession and a writer by passion. An introvert who likes to observe and ponder over through the social lens. Always intrigued by the mysteries and beauty of relationships. Learns every day, keeps trying even if I falter a few times. Advocate of a fair and equal society - be it for men or women. I believe - "Change can only come when you speak up." Currently living in London, UK but still a "Desi" at heart!

Voice of Namita Kohli Arora

We Need Feminist Fathers If Real Change Is To Happen!

It is easier for children to grow up believing in gender equality in households that have feminist fathers who support their wives - walking the talk.

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Free Soul [#Poetry]

As women, we can rebel, refuse to fit in with the norm, and chart our own destiny, striving to be a free soul!

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Accept Me As I Am [#Poem]

Women are expected to be what society deems proper for a woman - here is a call out to accept a woman as she is!

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Will Indian In-laws Stop Poking Their Noses In Things That Do Not Concern Them?

A newly-wed couple needs their space to bond, and create their own life together. Will Indian in-laws who make this difficult stop interfering?

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Thank You: Say It More Often!

Namita Kohli Arora writes about how the simple habit of saying thank you will make a huge difference in a relationship.

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