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She Is A Woman… [#Poetry]

Posted: September 9, 2016

Society tries to straitjacket a woman into its preconceived notions of what women should be, but a woman is so much more than all that!

She isn’t bothered by your thoughts about her,
She doesn’t get overwhelmed​ by the games of power against her.

Her karma is to mix myriad colors to paint the canvas called life,
Nevermind if these colors bring her grief or strife.

She absorbs your perspective, retaining her objectivity,
As you shove your views on her, she maintains her sanity.

You call her offensively ambitious,
How about “she is courageous!”

She is a go-getter,
A trendsetter.

You see her vanity in her make up and ask disdainful whys,
Wish you could leer through those cold, kohl smeared eyes.

You find her honesty threatening,
Nonetheless she keeps on inspiring.

Her tolerance is magical,
And you thought she is whimsical?

When she analyzed those operose problems for solutions,
You dismissed her intelligence as coincidence.

You commodify her as sexy,
She is but more than just being sexy.

A free-spirit ready to embrace the world, confident and caring,
And all you saw in her was alluring!

As the world tried to change her self,
She’s trying to maintain the selfless self.

Her identity is beyond to woo a man,
She is a WOMAN!!!

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Image source: pixabay

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