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O Ganga How Can You Flow So Helplessly As People Get No Dignity In Life & Death?

For a long time now, we have othered people basis their caste, religion, region, culture, and colour. This time our collective grief unites us; let's push for dignity in life and death.

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Oh, The Humanity! What This Oxygen Shortage Reveals About Our ‘System’

Using elections, citizens sanction politicians to act in our best interests. However, the current deaths caused by lack of oxygen, reveal their utter lack of accountability to us.

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vagina and penis
The Sorry Tale Of The Vagina And Penis In The Nonsense Scheme Of Things!

Talking in metaphorical terms, the vagina and penis can be equated to women and men. Here's how absurd social norms sound when described in those terms!

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My Kind Of Love [#Poetry]

The writer of this poem knows what she wants as a woman, and is not shy to express it, searching for her kind of love!

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She Is A Woman… [#Poetry]

Society tries to straitjacket a woman into its preconceived notions of what women should be, but a woman is so much more than all that!

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What Is The Definition Of Beauty? My Dad Taught Me Something So True #FathersDaySpecial

Read the personal experience of a girl, who defined beauty in terms of wearing high heels. She discovered the real meaning through her father.

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I Realized That Life Is A Harsh Bitch, Not A Fairy Tale Or A Mushy Love Story! But I Won’t Give Up

Fairy tales, with their happily-ever-afters, do not prepare us for life. When life's harsh realities hit, we wake up from the dream we would prefer to live!

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As A Woman, Here’s What I Think Of The Odd Even Rule In The National Capital

The odd even rule in the national capital has been much talked about. Here's how I think it will affect me, as a woman.

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