Use Freedom As Your Strength, Not A Weapon! And Other Commandments For A Fulfilling Life!

Do you aim toward contented, peaceful, and happy living? Here are my 10 commandments for a fulfilling life!

Do you aim toward contented, peaceful, and happy living? Here are my 10 commandments for a fulfilling life!

Happiness from within

To all those people who run behind happiness and yet never find it, stop and have a look at life and think of all the things you are blessed with and need to feel happy about.

I do agree that things like a fat paycheck, a perfect family, all the other luxurious things in life, etc. bring happiness. But if you are not happy from within all these don’t matter at all.

Stop searching for happiness. Try to make someone else happy, and you’ll realize that you’ll find what you had been searching for all this while.

Easy money?

Money can buy you happiness to a certain degree – by making things easier for you, by putting things you want within your reach.

But don’t let the chase for money make you lose your family and friends. Don’t go do things which aren’t ethical just to earn that little bit extra. Don’t let yourself down or cheat to make money – going to bed afraid about getting caught for the same. Even if you aren’t caught, is it worth having that guilty feeling as you live each day?

Be responsible with freedom

You own your life – take charge of it and feel liberated.

We are in a century where everything is possible, and we can have the right opportunity to all possibilities only if we chose to do so. Give yourself the freedom to experiment with life by taking risks, by living it and not merely surviving each day.

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Appreciate freedom of opinion and choices in others. Freedom is more of the mind than of the actions. Do not misuse the freedom you have in life – be it in family, at work, or in the society you are living in. Use freedom as your strength not as your weapon.

Inner peace

None of the hard work you have put in life or things you have achieved would be of any worth if it doesn’t give you peace at the end of day.

  • If you just earn enough for your family and yourself, or if you earn so much that the next two generations need not even work.
  • If you live in a 2 bedroom apartment or a bungalow of your own.
  • If you are riding a two wheeler or a Mercedes Benz.
  • If you are a single person or if you have a loving family.
  • If you are the greedy kind or the one who rejoices with a group of friends lifelong –

It all comes down to one important question – do you find peace within yourself?

Joy in all mornings

Find moments of joy in the little things that you do and you’ll realize how easy it is to be happy.

Talk to that random passenger who is sharing a cab with you. Ask him how his day was and you would know how easy it was to bring a smile on someone’s face.

Ask your domestic help how she and her family is doing, or give her some of your old clothes in good condition, and you would know how much of a difference you have made in her life.

Buy that pen which a kid at the traffic signal is selling, even though you don’t really have to use it – but you buying that one pen or sticker from her could have given her that extra amount she needed to buy a book for herself or even a meal of one time.

Find joy in visiting orphanages and the elderly. Bring a smile in their lives and joy in yours.

Finding your balance

Only if you know your priorities in life, would you be able to bring the right balance in it too.

Understand what the possible aspects of life are, for which you could negotiate, and for which you are not ready to negotiate. Bring balance in life and work, bring balance in family and friends. Don’t let one phase of life take over the remaining.

Compromise on things that you think you can and feel justified in, but stand by your policies and principles if they demand not to be compromised.

Balance between your needs and desires, balance between you for yourself and you for others.


Are your expectations in life met? Are you doing the right job that you wanted to, or like most of us end up in different professions in reality, does it really fulfil your aspirations?

Does being friends with someone fulfil your life in terms of becoming a better person or individual?

Are you living up to your potential that you are at least aware of? If not think about why your worth as an individual is not being fulfilled. Is it because you are too comfortable in your skin and do not wish change in life, or is it because you are not ready to put up a fight against what is wrong or what is deserving for you?

Be confident!

Even if you are not confident about yourself, go ahead with a confident face and attitude, and you’ll feel how much of a difference it could make in your life – both personal and professional.

Be confident about your choices and do not doubt yourself. Be confident in putting your opinions across to people when needed. Be confident about standing up for what you feel is right. Believe in yourself and hold on to your moral values.

Inner stability

Being stable doesn’t mean being in your comfort zone all the time. Remember change is the only thing constant in life and change is inevitable. Try and embrace change yet hold on to your ground and be stable in life.

Do not let the unknown affect you and bring you down, both emotionally and physically. Nothing in this world is stable or secure except YOU. Your moral values, your spirit, your knowledge, your capabilities are the only stable attributes in your life.

Do not react to the situation, respond to the situation. In times of difficulty try to separate the pain from the suffering. Just as the roots do not get affected no matter what the situation is above the ground, be stable in your principles and you’ll overcome all the instability around you.

Stoke and live your passion!

Passion is what keeps your spirits ignited. Being passionate is not just about being crazy about doing something in life.

Be passionate in your relationship both with family and friends. Be passionate in your work even though its something you are not happy doing – you’ll eventually see the benefits.

Find a purpose in life and it’ll give you meaning. Believe in yourself and you ll know how being passionate isn’t really hard. Keep the fire in you alive.

Don’t measure your life in the moments you have lived, but in those moments that took your breathe away and those moments which brought happiness through you in others.

Live a fulfilling life!

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