Sneha Sasikumar

Strong willed | Sapiosexual |Cheerful person and a true Cancerian!!! An "amalgamated" "MALLU" (for my non-Indian friends, people from the state of Kerala are called Malayali, but the rest of India has started calling them Mallus lately) as we are addressed by our fellow Indian citizens. Brought up in Andaman islands and living up in a place where people respect another person for their individuality and not the profession, caste or religion has made me a very cosmopolitan in nature and not believe in what many called as taboos. I am a passionate dancer. I enjoy travelling, trying everything possible in life..i don't want to regret while am about to kick the bucket. Besides cooking, writing. I enjoy all kinds of sports. Sadly none of these are my profession. I am techie working with a product based firm and have been in Bengaluru for the last 5 years.

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scuba diving
Can Non Swimmers Do A Scuba Dive? Yes, I Did, In The Andamans!

Scuba diving should certainly be on your bucket list - whether you can swim or not. The season starts soon in the Andamans, and you should plan for it.

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trip to Andamans
Planning A Trip To Andaman And Nicobar? I Grew Up There, And Here Are My Tips For You!

Planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands after the monsoons? Book NOW to get good rates on your travel and stay - check out these tips.

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A Parent’s Death Changes One’s Life Forever. My Mother’s Death Changed Mine!

Nothing and no one can fill a parent's place. A parent's death can be devastating, especially if the parent passed away early in life.

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Use Freedom As Your Strength, Not A Weapon! And Other Commandments For A Fulfilling Life!

Do you aim toward contented, peaceful, and happy living? Here are my 10 commandments for a fulfilling life!

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Sometimes, I Can Be My Best Friend, And Don’t Need Anybody Else To Be Happy!

I can be my best friend, and sometimes, I don't need anybody else to be happy, even pull myself out of those dark phases.

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Zootopia Crosses $1 Billion Worldwide, For All The Right Reasons!

Zootopia, this year's Disney blockbuster, has crossed $1 billion worldwide at the box office, for all the best reasons. Have you watched it yet?

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8 Lifelong Lessons My Mother Left Me With To Help Me Live

These beautiful lessons from a mother to a daughter stay on even after her passing. 

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What My Parents’ Beautiful Love Story Taught Me To Hope About Love #ThisThingCalledLove

This beautiful love story of a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl who went from best friends to finding love will touch your heart.

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Knowledge Is The Strongest Weapon We Can Have: 8 Lessons That Life Has Taught Me

From learning to value myself to seeking knowledge and embracing life-long relationships, here are 8 lessons that life has taught me.

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