Sometimes, I Can Be My Best Friend, And Don’t Need Anybody Else To Be Happy!

I can be my best friend, and sometimes, I don't need anybody else to be happy, even pull myself out of those dark phases.

I can be my best friend, and sometimes, I don’t need anybody else to be happy, even pull myself out of those dark phases.

Being your own companion

Sometimes all you need is being with your own self, being your biggest critic, being your own best friend, being your own companion 24×7. It is very important specially when you are emotionally down, and feeling miserable.

Consider a situation when your best friend is feeling the same – what would you do? Have a small little pep talk, pamper her by taking her out shopping, cook good yummy food, try to understand where the sadness is coming from etc. right?

Do all this for yourself.

Why wait for someone else to come and do all this for you? Remember everyone is going to be a visitor in your life but that one person who is always gonna be around you is you yourself. So go ahead and take the liberty of making yourself feel better. And who else would know the things that can make you feel good and cheer you up … think about it!

Be friends with yourself, be kind, take care of yourself. It’s the best relationship you can have in this world. It’s tough during days when you are really really low and stubborn and gloomy – step aside and treat this self of yours as your best friend and am sure you’ll see the changes.

Be less judgmental about others

What I mean here is train yourself to see good in others. Sometimes it’s all about finding happiness in others that brings those vibes of happiness and positivity in and around you. Go head compliment someone about something they do that really inspired you. Meet people with no prejudice – everyone has their own battle but let that not be your criteria of picking people in your life. It’s important to socialize with people and for that you need to be welcoming them in your lives and not be judgmental about them.

Try and be in a positive environment

Have a positive and clean space in life. You cannot control people around you, there could be people with whom your frequency won’t match but you just cannot shoo them off from your life specially when its family members and some really good friends.

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There could be days when you need to take yourself out of that situation and try to be positive about it. It’s our responsibility to either make that situation better and improve the tensions. And there could be times when you really need to ignore the negative person, and not waste your happiness and peace of mind with them. Being the worst scenarios, don’t feel intimidated and wish them love and say a goodbye. It’s good to remove weight from your ankles at times so that you can move ahead in life.

Find what makes you happy instantly

This could be anything from listening to your favourite music, see beautiful things around, reading an inspirational book, watching a movie or affirmation videos. It could be as simple as cooking a nice meal and enjoying it with a glass of red wine, travelling to a place and nourishing not just your physical body but even your soul.

Pick anything that brings instant joy or a smile on your face Find those small instant boosters that can bring out the happiness quotient in you. Who better would know it other than your companion – YOU.

Remember what gives me joy and happiness might not be relatable to you. So find your own happiness quotient. Find it and live it. Be your best friend, be your number one supporter. Compliment yourself, encourage yourself, be the pillow to yourself on days when you need to cry. Love and mould yourself and create that positive aura around you.

Those who mind, don’t matter. Those who matter, don’t mind!

And while you’re at it

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