Six Lessons From Finding Dory That I Came Away With. And You?

Finding Dory, the latest superhit Pixar movie has so much for us to takeaway! Sharing my lessons from Finding Dory.

Finding Dory, the latest superhit Pixar movie has so much for us to takeaway! Sharing my lessons from Finding Dory.

I had the chance to watch the 3D animated movie – Finding Dory and I discovered that like every Pixar movie, there are some great takeaways from this movie too. The movie is a sequel of Finding Nemo and Ellen DeGeneres lends her voice to the blue fish-Dory. There are high chances of it becoming the biggest animated movie of all time.

For those of you who haven’t seen the first movie, Dory is a fish that suffers from short term memory loss. She wanders in the ocean, and in the bargain loses her parents. She grows up with a different species of fish Marlin and Nemo, with whom she becomes good friends and treats them like her own family.

Later the amnesiac fish embarks on a journey to find her parents, despite her disability. This movie is all about her adventurous journey, the challenges she faces and the manner in which she overpowers them – with consistent perseverance and the support of her friends who in turn are battling their own disabilities.

I found these to be interesting takeaways from Finding Dory.

Living with disability

In the movie, Dory is living each day with her disability. She can hardly remember things, and this can prove to be a real hindrance, living in the deep waters of the big wide ocean, that comprises of dangerous species of fish. It’s not easy to survive with a disability and this fact applies to human lives too.

The movie sends across a valuable message that though we may have disabilities, we can still make a success of our lives if we have the right attitude, just like Dory.

No self pity

Despite living with her disability, Dory doesn’t complain or whine. Neither does she pity herself, like most of us do. She’s a super fish that navigates her way deep in the ocean using her own intelligence, judgement and patience. The best quality which I admired the most in Dory was her never give up attitude.

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Her disability never became a barrier; instead, she chose to make it a stepping stone. She never complained  about the fact that she was different from others. While so many of us lose energy focusing on the  negatives in our lives, she never wasted her energy on what she lacked.

Her parents believed in her strengths

Dory had very supportive parents who encouraged her every step of the way. They never made her feel that she had a limitation. It sends out a message to all parents to believe and have faith in their children even if they have certain setbacks.

Unity is the best way to deal with adversity

Dory loses her parents and after several years she’s on a mission to find them. While embarking on this journey in the deep waters, she faces a lot of obstacles which she overcomes with the help of her supportive friends. Some friends she knew since years and some new friends like ‘Hank’- the Septopus (Octopus with seven tentacles), she made on this journey.

At times all alone and sometimes together, they fought their way and dealt with every challenge on this adventurous journey. The friends played an integral part in supporting her as she suffered from short term memory loss.

Life is about dealing with challenges

Dory faces a lot of obstacles and challenges while embarking on this adventurous journey, synonymous to our own lives. We deal with challenges and obstacles in the form of sickness, job related issues, relationship problems, and death. It’s how we navigate our lives through these problems and overpower them, is what determines how successful our lives would eventually turn out.

The need to protect our environment

The greatest takeaway of the movie was the need to protect our environment, which includes the ocean environment as well. The film exhibits, how fish from the ocean are drawn out and used for study and research. Some of them are used for public display. The way we protect other animals, there is a need to protect the fish species too. Like other animals they too need to grow and survive in their natural habitat.

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