Household Chores Are A Woman’s Job? Funny Video, But Same Old Thought!

This 'Any Guy Can Relate To This Mystery' video propagates the notion that guys take things for granted when it comes to household chores. Is it really so? 

This ‘Any Guy Can Relate To This Mystery’ video propagates the notion that guys take things for granted when it comes to household chores. Is it really so? 

Guys too can handle household chores and if not better, they may be as good at it as women. However, some may not be interested to do it or some are bound with the idea that it’s a ‘woman’s job’. The video ‘Any Guy Can Relate To This Mystery’ caught my attention and though funny, it also propagates the same notion. It’s all over social media. Seeing the popularity of the video, I guess it has caught the attention of all the male readers and it was fun to read the angry comments of many women on facebook.

Having said that, how did the stereotype – that ‘household chores is a woman’s job’ come into being after all? Years back, women mostly stayed at home and didn’t have careers. As a result, most of the chores were completed by the woman and the man was the sole earner. He went out, worked hard and was the source of income for the family while the woman looked after the household work and the kids. And this trend continued. But, this was ages ago.

Times have changed. Women have full-fledged careers, just like men. So, when it comes to household chores, an equilibrium is expected too, in this area. And it’s not about whose role it is to do the household chores. When we live in a home, it becomes our responsibility too, to do our bit, share the work and contribute in the best possible way we can.  Doing the household chores at home is not a gender defined role. You do the chores because you are a member of the family, because you are a part of the family. You do not do it because it is just a gender defined role. Expecting a woman or demanding of her to complete all the work at home because it’s ‘her role’ to do housework, despite working out, is wrong and unfair.

Further, I feel roles can be interchanged and flexibility can be introduced at home. The work roles doesn’t need to be defined by gender. It’s fine if the man chooses to wash the dishes or if the woman wishes to complete the outdoor work like paying the bills and buying the groceries. And this would be a learning experience for the kids of the household too. They will learn an important lesson that house work is not defined by gender. Each one does what they enjoy and they do it to make each other’s work light. We contribute because, we belong to the family unit.

I have to agree that many men do share the load at home despite their long working hours. And many women equally work hard at home, supervise their kids, take care of their studies despite working outside.  There are several videos and advertisements buzzing on social media, that are spreading the message that- it’s the man’s and woman’s equal responsibility to share the house work. It appears that the old notion that ‘housework is a woman’s domain’ is gradually changing for the better.

Just for laughs, have a quick look at the video below.

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