10 Reasons: Are Women Going Back To Work This Women’s Day?

Women going back to work after a break are finally getting the respect and support they deserve! The Diversity Drive 2016 awaits you with opportunities galore.

Women returning to work after a break are finally getting the respect and support they deserve! The Diversity Drive 2016 awaits you with opportunities galore. So are women going back to work?

Women professionals who’ve taken a short or extended career break from their professional roles and at some point decide to return to work, either part-time, full-time or flexibly often find it difficult.

Organizations doubt their commitment, just because they have kids or elders to take care of. Even if they get an opportunity to work, they are the last ones to be considered for promotions or appraisals.

It’s a truth that many women returnees have to face such discrimination right from the stage of the interview process.

But…things are changing!

Nowadays, organizations are following a positive approach towards the women returnees and paving the way for them to re-enter the workforce. As Neha Bagaria, Founder of JobsForHer.com, a connecting portal to enable women to restart their careers after a break for marriage/motherhood or elderly care, tells us:

“When we launched JobsForHer, women told us that they were often advised to hide the gap in their resumes.  We were appalled.  How could a woman who put the brakes on her career for the sake of her family, be penalized for it – in fact, they should be rewarded?  We were determined to find companies that value such women for their dedication and thus launched a portal that is specifically for women on a career break.  Our efforts were rewarded, and today we have over 500 companies on our portal who have thrown open their doors to welcome these women back.”

Are women going back to work?

These are just some of the many reasons that the demand for women returning to work is now on a fast track.

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Skills/Talent are for a lifetime

Nobody can take away the skills you have learnt. Of course, you have to brush them up and enhance them from time to time. But once you have learnt to ride a cycle, you never forget it!

Previous job experience matters

Your experience means that you have worked and gained insights for a period of time. This gives you the added advantage of being an experienced professional compared to an out-of-college grad. Moreover, this isn’t limited to functional skills alone, but also essential soft skills such as managing conflict at work or communicating with peers – all of which you are likely to have built up over time.

Companies have to invest less in an experienced professional

As you are experienced, the organization will have to invest fewer resources to train you in the required skill set.

Organizations appreciate a diverse workforce

Most organizations today cater to a very diverse customer base. A diverse employee base can help meet diverse customer needs. Organizations are therefore focusing strongly on recruiting, developing and retaining female talent, certainly helping women to join the workforce.

Technology has evolved

As technology has evolved, working from remote locations has become a possibility. Even if you are a full-time employee, a lot of flexibility with work is possible.

A lot of companies now encourage women to work from home too if needed, making the return to work easier. It not only maintains a work-life balance but also boosts productivity at work.

Women learn to multitask

Society and family have taught women to handle multiple roles. By virtue of being hands-on in many areas, women accept challenges and want to learn new things too.

Retaining existing employees or hiring from the competition

Many companies hire women returning to work in order to get back previous employees – or maybe even someone who worked with competition previously and can therefore bring great insights to them.

Hungry to grow

Women returning to work are often hungry to grow and eager to prove themselves again. Organizations today appreciate this drive.

Difficult to find skillsets

Some skill sets are not easy to find or not easy to find in a particular location. Hiring women returning to work is a great way for companies to make sure that they are not missing out on potential employees with these skills.

Responsible employers

Companies today increasingly want to be (and to be seen as) responsible members of the societies they operate in. Hiring a diverse workforce and offering opportunities to everyone, is a part of being a responsible employer, leading them to hire women returning to work.

All women returnees want is just a chance to prove themselves and be a part of the workforce solely on the basis of their talent.

Enabling that is the Diversity Drive 2016 by JobsForHer.com

For the first time ever, JobsForHer is partnering with mega companies across India to throw open their doors to women returnees who have been on a career break and want to get back to work!

These companies will throw open their doors to career-break women, each on a different day, to assess them for open positions within their organizations. Some of the notable companies participating in the Diversity Drive during International Women’s Day are MakeMyTrip, Mantri Developers, Mindtree, Reliance JIO, Sapient and Target.

These companies are thrilled to hire from a talent pool that comprises qualified, experienced, settled, and recharged women who are available to join immediately and with renewed dedication.

Here’s how to register: Register for the JFH Pan-India Diversity Drive HERE and apply to companies that you are interested in!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your career restarted today. It’s also a great opportunity if you plan to move from one line of work to another!

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