#MomBeAGirlAgain: Encouraging Videos, But Not Easy, When Put Into Practice

The series of videos by Amazon #MomBeAGirlAgain, encourages mothers to become 'girls' once again. Though it is encouraging, it is easier said than done. Here's why.

The series of videos by Amazon #MomBeAGirlAgain, encourages mothers to become ‘girls’ once again. Though it is encouraging, it is easier said than done. Here’s why.

I recently came across a series of videos by Amazon, hashtagged #MomBeAGirlAgain. The hashtag #MomBeAGirlAgain arose my curiosity and I immediately scrutinized the videos. The videos created, does send a good message – that women should not lose their individuality after marriage. And that is true. It’s very easy to lose our own identities after marriage especially, when we enter a completely new set up, catering to the needs of others- family and children.

Besides, it can be energy draining, when we give so much of our time to kids, because it requires us to become children ourselves. What I fancied about the videos, is that it coaxes mothers to become that ‘fun-loving and carefree girl’ once again. I loved the way the children in the videos, expressed their love for their mother and showed their concern for her happiness. In another video, the husband persuades his wife to resume playing badminton, the sport she enjoyed the most.

Here the family members are loving and concerned about their mother’s well-being. While Amazon had good intentions, behind the creation of the video, however I feel that it is easier said than done. It is difficult for a mother to fulfill her passions when she is overloaded with responsibilities. Instead, they could have focused on how family members can help mothers to create that ‘free time’, to help her follow her passions, be it skating or photography.

Indian mothers have to oversee the cooking and the house-chores need to be completed. They have to take care of their kids, see to their emotional and physical well-being and their studies. Even if maids are there as a support in affluent household, the work still needs to be supervised by women largely.


A woman’s contribution to cooking, buying groceries, cleaning, laundry, children, their studies and family takes up much of her time. Apart from this, if she’s a working woman, she has her own work to be completed. She’s answerable to her own superiors too. How much time is she left with, at the end of the day?

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If she has some ‘spare time’ for herself then surely she can become the ‘carefree and fun-loving’ girl she was, once upon a time. But ‘that free time’ has to be created with the support of her family.

Do family members work towards making their mother’s work light? When a family member is sick, the first person whom they turn to, is their mother. They rest, while their mother is there, as a support. But what happens when she’s sick herself ? She still needs to work, like any other normal day. She nourishes her family with love, care and nutrition. But how many of us really do things to please her?

Most of the time, her presence is taken for granted, because we get away with the idea that no matter what, mothers would always stick around. How many fathers encourage their children to help their mothers at work or take on their fair share of work at home? Do they counsel their kids to share the house-chores, to ease their mother’s burden? Do in-laws counsel their grandchildren to help their mothers and respect her?

Yes, it’s high time that mothers should become that ‘fun-loving girl’ again. But rather than reminding her, we have to do our part and contribute at home, in helping her to become that ‘carefree girl’ once again.

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