Child Sexual Abuse: Mom, Dad, Can I Tell You Something?

Child sexual abuse can manifest in children being unusually silent or angry, or in other behaviour unlike their normal selves. Be alert and always, always, listen to your child.

Child sexual abuse can manifest in children being unusually silent or angry, or in other behaviour unlike their normal selves. Be alert and always, always, listen to your child.

Dearest Mom and Papa,

I love you and will always do. I know you love me too. You are the best parents a child can ask for. I know you are planning a surprise gift for me for this Christmas, not the usual doll  or quiz, games, kind stuff, but something special. I know what is in your mind. But I don’t want to spoil your surprise. It’s going to be a great Christmas party. Granny, dada, uncles & aunts will come. Ronny, Misha, Joshua, Sammy, oh I love the thought of it….

I love parties Mom, you think I don’t, but I do. You always complain, why do I sit in a corner, why don’t I talk, why do I act weird. Believe me, Mom, I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to let you down. I want to dance, sing, have fun with all. But I can’t, Mom, I can’t.

I am very excited when everyone comes to our house, but Mom, I don’t like one person. I am afraid, really afraid. The moment I see him, my heart sinks, I start to sweat, my limbs are not in my control. I start acting weird. It’s not my fault, trust me. Please trust me…

He said he would hurt you both if I revealed his ‘secret.’

When you used to leave me with him to go out on work, he used to come to my room. I used to be so afraid. I wanted to run out of the room, but he never let me. He said he would hurt you both if I revealed his ‘secret’. I feared for you. I didn’t want to lose you. He told me not to tell anybody anything. Not my teacher, friends, neighbours or anyone else. He told me not to talk to anyone; otherwise he would be angry, very angry. He said both of you would not trust me. You would punish me for being a bad girl. Mamma, Papa I am not a bad girl. He broke the doll you gave me on my last birthday. He said he could do anything. He is a bad person, very bad…and I am scared.

I wanted to tell you, but you never listened to me. I wanted you to stop him, to punish him, but you did nothing. I wrote you many letters before but was afraid to give them to you you. I was so scared that I couldn’t study, play. I stopped talking to everyone in the school. My teachers scolded me, my friends ignored me, and sometimes made fun of me. No one asked me why I was behaving this  way. I would have told you, but no one asked me ever.

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I told you that he is not good, I told you, Dad, that he is bad, and you scolded me. You asked me what was wrong, but I couldn’t tell you.You told me to behave properly with elders. I always behave; I am not rude, I am polite, but I am scared. You said you will be with me no matter what, you broke your promise, Dad. Now you don’t even trust me.

I tried to explain to you, Mom. You once said no one should touch me, but he did, many times. I tried telling you, I told you that he misbehaved. You said I was being impossible, you said I was stopping you from going out to your job. No Mom, I didn’t want to, I just wanted you to listen to me. For once, hear me out without being judgmental. I am not bad, it’s not my fault.

My grades are going down, you said I am in bad company. The truth is I don’t have a company, I have no one, no one to talk to, no one to understand me, I am alone, so alone.

I want to be happy and smiling again, I want to be like my friends; carefree.

Please don’t gift me anything this Christmas. The only gift I want is your time and trust. Please listen to me once, understand me, be with me. Don’t leave me alone, as I am scared, really scared……….

Your beloved daughter,

Stella .

This is a piece of fiction to bring to your notice the heinous crime of child abuse. In today’s busy life, we hardly have time for our kids.We often neglect them. We brush off their stories as a piece of fantasy. After some time, they lose their trust, self-esteem  and become self-centered. Abuse not only affects their behavior but also hampers social, psychological and emotional  development. They become socially isolated, depressed, develop guilt consciously. They start believing that it’s their fault, they have done something wrong.

Shockingly, the culprits are often known to the family.

Offenders take advantage of the situation.

SEE the signs of abuse, check for any sudden change in your child’s behavior.

HEAR your child out. You are the only one he/she can trust and open her heart.

ACT immediately. the molester no matter how close doesn’t deserve your sympathy.

REPORT. It’s not a matter of shame. It’s a crime that has to be reported and the culprit should be brought to justice.

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