My Body Is Not Your Conquest; Time To Take It Back

Women have mostly been a much undervalued, under-appreciated team player, reduced to their bodies and wombs. Time to take back our lives.

Women have mostly been a much undervalued, under-appreciated team player, reduced to their bodies and wombs. Time to take back our lives.

You cried, cursed when I was born

I have my fate in my hand

You may try to rule me,

I won’t bow to you if you threaten my existence.

Father, brother, husband, friend,

You are not my protector

Stop pretending to be a knight

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When I can wield my own sword.

My hair, My face, My breast, my thighs,

They are not yours to ogle

Don’t place your ego in my vagina

And kill me in the name of Honour.

Don’t ask if I am pure, untouched

When you can’t prove yourself

My body is not your conquest

It’s all blood, emotions, heart and flesh

Rules and lines are not just for me

You have the burden of honor too

If I am tested for purity

You got to cross the fire too.

You seek blood in the battlefield

But fear the one that makes you

If I bleed it’s coz

I am responsible to create you

I don’t need your sympathy

love, care or surrender

If we are meant to be together

Its a decision, not an obligation

I have been quiet for so long

Built, nurtured, protected our world

You don’t rule or own me

God has created us equal

How I dress, speak, act or look

It’s not your decision to make

The choice & right is mine

and I am taking it back

Fear not what will happen if I go out

Mind your gaze and lust

I have suffered for so long

It is time for your illusion to bust

Since the day we are born

We are taught to be  fragile and meek

We are feared when we are strong

And you are mocked when weak

Slowly, I am shedding

the burden of your false pride

Call me names, cut me short

I am strong, and I own it!

A poem dedicated to all wonderful, courageous, and strong women out there who know what great work they have been doing in every field, and it’s the time to own it.

It’s time to look beyond the barriers and boundaries, and teach the world how to appreciate a woman.

We have been a team player, working endlessly at the back. Now it’s time to claim fame, and come to the forefront.

Image source: a still from the film Manmarziyaan

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