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Garima Nag

Garima nag runs a successful Travel & Lifestyle blog, Sweetsharing.com. Her work is seen regularly on many national & international media platforms. She is an independent thinker, dotting mother, passionate Traveler with a coffee travel book under her belt.

Voice of Garima Nag

My Body Is Not Your Conquest; Time To Take It Back

Women have mostly been a much undervalued, under-appreciated team player, reduced to their bodies and wombs. Time to take back our lives.

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signs of a cheating partner
7 Tell-Tale Signs That Tell You If Your Partner Is Cheating

Relationships are full of happy moments, commitment, care but also uncertainties, betrayals, and sometimes a cheating partner. How do you recognise this?

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keep kids busy without gadgets
How Do You Keep Your Kids Busy Without Gadgets When These Are Everywhere Today?

Gadget dependence among kids is common, with hassled parents often giving in to the pressure. It is important, however, to keep kids busy without gadgets.

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8 Genuine Ways To Compliment Women At Work [Clue: Drop The Sexism!]

When you compliment women at work, bringing gender into it ends up being highly sexist, whatever your intentions may be. Here is some help for you.

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3 Things We Did To Survive The Crazy Time That Was Our First Year Of Marriage

The first year of marriage is undoubtedly the most important period for a couple. Be it an arrange marriage or love marriage, the challenges are basically the same.

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10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship From Fizzling Out

Here are 10 ways to prevent infidelity and adultery in your relationship. As they say prevention is better than cure.

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Sania Mirza: From 'Pakistan Ki Bahu' To 'India Ki Beti' Again
When Sania Mirza Turns ‘India Ki Beti’ Again From ‘Pakistan Ki Bahu’

As Sania Mirza wins the Wimbledon Doubles title, the tide of adulation is in strong contrast to the sexist abuse she has faced over the years.

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What To Expect After Marriage. Plus 5 Tips To Make It Work For You

Marriage is not an easy card to play. We tend to get stuck in places. Here are 5 tips to make your marriage successful.

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Child Sexual Abuse: Mom, Dad, Can I Tell You Something?

Child sexual abuse can manifest in children being unusually silent or angry, or in other behaviour unlike their normal selves. Be alert and always, always, listen to your child.

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