10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship From Fizzling Out

Here are 10 ways to prevent infidelity and adultery in your relationship. As they say prevention is better than cure.

Here are 10 ways to strengthen the bonds of your relationship and reduce the temptation to seek comfort outside of it. 

No relationship is immune to frictions and infidelity. It is impossible to keep your relationship perfect. With our fast paced life and demanding jobs, investing time in personal relations is becoming tough. Resulting in tiff, blame game, infidelity and  separation. Look around and you will see one or the other couple calling it quits. Be it a normal couple or some high-profile celebrity, no one is a stranger to cheating. While we can’t make any relationship infidelity proof yet we can work towards making it a good and reliable one.

‘We always deceive ourselves twice about the people we love – first to their advantage, then to their disadvantage”.  —  Albert Camus’

So the question arises, Why do people stray? What prompts a person to cheat on his/her partner? Is it mere lack of love and  understanding or does the problem run deeper? How frustrating it much be to invest so much of your energy, time and emotions in a relationship and end up getting betrayed by your lover/partner!

Is it possible to avoid treachery? Yes, it is, in most of the cases. Let’s see how.

Keep hitting the ‘Refresh’ button

A classic reason of cheating is Boredom. As lame as it may seem, in most cases, the lack of freshness in a relationship results in cheating. It is human tendency to look for adventure and newness in life. Spice up your life, and invest your time effectively. Keep up the mystery and the chase. Refresh your love time and again.

Check before checking-in

It is not rude or improper to do a background check before taking your relationship to the next level. Casual dating may not get affected by it but when you are serious about the other person, knowing his/her background,  job details, social circle is essential. Sometimes, these small issues trigger suspicion and confusion. Be straight forward and ask questions.

Be a friend, not just a lover/partner

Do you wonder why it is so easy to talk to your friend about anything and everything? Because your friend never judges and is always honest. Being non-judgmental and honest is required in every relationship. These two qualities enhance the quality of your alliance giving it a healthy perspective.

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Be meaningful, not mean

Always watch your words while communicating with your partner, whether in happier times or during an argument. Words have a lasting impact. It might not cause  immediate damage but words do leave a scar on the memory. Don’t say mean and hurtful things to each other. No matter how bad your mood is, control the words.

Show off your love, not wealth

Keep reminding your partner how important is she/he in your life. A little love note, a thoughtful card or small gift can lighten up their day. Forget the price tag, pay attention to the emotional value.

Look beyond physicality

Looks can attract attention, not affection. Agreed, physical appearances plays an important in an intimate relationship but one must learn to look beyond it. Explore other aspects of your partner’s personality. You will be amazed to see what a beautiful human being he/she is.

Award and reward

Our childlike tendency yearns for rewards and recognition. If your partner is going out of his/her way to make you feel special, appreciate their effort. A heartfelt “thank you” or a cute gift in return would do the trick.

Celebrate together

Acknowledge your partner’s achievements, whether big or small. Show genuine happiness, congratulate him/her on every accomplishment. Celebrate the moment together. You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant or flashy pub. You can rejoice in the confines of your home with a home cooked meal and lots of love.

Solve the puzzle together

Wonder why you can’t feel the same passion and warmth in your relationship as you used to in your early days? Don’t knock yourself up. Reach out to your partner. Tell him/her about your feelings and suggestions to improve the situation. Listen to your partner. He/she might be going through a rough time. Solve your problems together. Listen to each other and seek advice.

Respect individuality

You have earned the moniker ‘lovely couple’ from your friends. You can’t get enough of each other. You are in each other’s thoughts 24 X 7. Touch wood to that! Just be careful not to overdo it. Respect your individuality; otherwise, in a while you would feel invaded and suffocated. Leave some room for ‘ME’ time. Remember, a happy person makes a happy relationship.

Infidelity has an extremely damaging effect on a relationship. With a little care and extra efforts, you can avoid the chances of betrayal by either person. Relationships need continuous effort and determination to make them work.

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