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If You Get A Chance To Swap Lives With That Supermom You Envy, Will You Take It?

The supermom who juggles everything with elan - kids, home, husband, job, and a roaring social life. Don't we sometimes envy her? But do we really want to live her life?

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The Mumbaichi Bhajiwali, Who Taught Me To Be Positive And Market My Skills Best!

My bhajiwali, who is a working mother, taught me an important lesson in positivity, managing time, and marketing, that I had forgotten as a stay at home mom taking a break from work.

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Speak Up Ma! You Can’t Give Up Without A Fight For All You Have Achieved

I cannot just let them get away were her first thoughts, they can't just chuck me out like that. I will make sure I create noise about this- a lot of noise. They cannot just do what they want with Reena Mundra- use her and throw her.

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Kudos To The Single Mom Who Raised Miss India 2018 Anukeerthy Vas!
Miss Indian 2018 Anukreethy Vas

Miss India 2018 Anukeerthy Vas, raised by a single mother, yet again bears testimony to the fact that single mothers are raising strong, independent children despite adversities.

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3 Things We Should Learn From Indonesian Women!

While living in Indonesia, the author was awed by the fierce and resilient Indonesian women. She talks bout three things which we all should imbibe from these strong women.

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Birthing Naturally Or With A C-Section? This Book Tells You All You Need To Know
birthing naturally

A book that makes a case for natural childbirth, with plenty of tips for moms-to-be, here's an excerpt from Dr Mahima Bakshi's new book, Birthing Naturally.

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