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A Woman’s Play Book For Bridging The Workplace Age Gap

Dealing with generational gaps can be exhausting, women have to balance home and work dynamics. Here are 7 tips to help you!

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Master The Art Of Multitasking-Mom With These 8 Tips
The Art of Multi Tasking for Moms

Do you want to master the art of multitasking easily? Here are 8 simple strategies I use to optimize my time that might benefit you too.

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4 Myths Debunked By Women In The Workplace Report 2023
McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2023 report

2023 Women at Work Report exposes myths, empowers change for fairness, and dives into workplace experiences for a more equal future.

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Why The Economics Nobel Prize For Claudia Goldin Is So Significant For Women At Work Globally
Claudia Goldin

The Nobel Prize to Claudia Goldin for her work on ‘advancing our understanding of women’s labour market outcomes’ has put the gender inequity in the labour market in the spotlight.

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Why Can’t A Mom Go On A Vacation With Her Colleagues?
The Mom Odyssey: Reclaiming the identity through colleague getaways.

A mother's identity is linked with her caregiving roles even if employed, and travelling with colleagues is often considered "selfish". Why?!

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Returning To Work As A New Mom Is Scary, But Not Impossible
Returning To Work As A New Mom

Returning to work as a new mom after maternity leave is an exciting and scary experience, but don't let these feelings overwhelm you. 

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