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working mother
Gender Neutrality
Gender Neutrality — How My Mother and Grandmother Raised Me

As we were growing up, sometimes I would be in the kitchen as my mom would not be well. She used to send my brothers into the kitchen, "Go and help her, and you also cook, no point sitting in the room and watching TV."

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9 to 9 Jobs — Where Is The Work-Life Balance?
work-life balance

Most jobs, specially in developing economies, do not give much emphasis on work-life balance! The result of this is confused, overworked and frustrated individuals who in spite of all the earnings are just not happy.

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5 Major Struggles — Being A Single Mother In India
Single Mother in India

Being a single mother in India is an everyday battle! I can narrow down 5 most common challenges which we face on a daily basis and how to ...

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Where is The Support System for Married Working Women?
Where is the Support System for Married Working Women?

I was surprised to hear that my mother-in-law thought, my job was a hobby to avoid household responsibilities!

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Fantastic Supernova Dreams Of A Working Mom Waking Up To Her Daily Routine

"What time should I set up that Zoom meeting with the client?" "Has the daughter revised for Tuesday's Physics test?" "What bills remain to be paid?”…

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She Wanted To Stand Apart In Her Career; Not Stand Alone In Life!

“A woman has to work harder than a man in the same job to prove her worth. Having a career doesn’t make me a bad wife and mother.”

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