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On Abortion [#Poetry]

Posted: November 7, 2016
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An abortion can be a harrowing experience for a woman, scarring her for ever. A poignant portrayal of a mother’s loss, in this short poem.

Something inside me died today,
Churning my insides into a rage.
Unacknowledged screams of an acknowledged silence,
A bastard unborn, forgotten.

Melancholy set inside of me today,
Turning this room into a cage.
My insides lie on a plate like a frozen dish served,
An underbelly of a weeping willow bellowing from under below.

An existentialists heaven draws lines,
The non believer overlooks.
The tell tale signs of a love forsaken,
The death of that dying within.

They danced that day, they plastered a sinister smile,
On a face painted gay growing morose over a while.
The wildflowers bloomed, the mocking Jay ‘jayed’,
It was a happy day for both the dying and the dead.

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Image source: pixabay

Jyoti Chettri

Jyoti Chettri

Hi everyone, I am a teacher by profession and a restless being at heart. I am a writer more of conviction, less of vocabulary. My restlessness along with my compulsive desire for learning anything new has always opened up new avenues for me to explore. Besides writing, I love travelling, sketching, photography, making crocheted dolls and music in all forms.

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