Married Women Are Equally Responsible For Maintaining Their Parents, Says Bombay High Court

Posted: July 14, 2016

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Married women can also take care of their parents according to the Bombay High court. A step towards women’s equality. Read to know more.

In a landmark judgement upheld by the Bombay High Court – A married woman too is responsible for maintaining her parents. This is by far the most righteous step towards women’s equality. It is not always about demanding rights, but doing our duties too.

The Judgement

The Bombay High court has said that a married daughter too should share the responsibility of her parents. In a particular case of Vasant vs. Govindrao Upasrao Naik, Criminal Revision Application No. 172/2014, the High Court rejected the pre-conceived notion that a married daughter has obligations only towards her husband’s family and not her own parents.

Age old notions

With this judgement, many age old notions will be broken

Many people still prefer educating boys over girls, as they see them as their providers. This will help break the bias and encourage parents to educate their girls.

It will also help in negating the belief of daughters being ‘Paraya Dhan’ (belonging to somebody else’s family) and thus not taking money from them.

It puts a stand in the society that-if after marriage girl becomes a part of her husband’s family that does not imply she has left her parents’ family.

This judgement encourages women to be financially independent not just for themselves but for their parents too.

With a girl no more being a burden, hopefully the practice of dowry and female infanticide will reduce.

Most importantly, it does away with gender defined roles.

Kudos to this judgement!!

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  2. It is not about equality. Married or not married one must take care of parents.

  3. its a good decision.. but married women who is independent should also share the same with her husband and husband’s family. It is not like husband should do everything for her wife and wife resources should go to only her family. Here comes the married women thinking not to be biased.

  4. I don’t think this is equality…I think married women should be equally responsible to in-laws while married man should as well be equally responsible for his in-laws, that is equality…Whether you are a girl or a boy you need to be responsible for your parents, when a court demands her to be responsible for his parents by law, then same law should demand him to be responsible for her parents as well…Then we can call it equality.

  5. Parents are not objects that need to be maintained. They are to be taken care of. Please feel free to write in Hindi if your English is poor, as bad choice of words can be disrespectful.

  6. @Ramya ,Unfortunately in our society a daughter is not expected to take care of her parents and neither is son-in-law. There are cases where all the earnings of a women are used by the husband and in-laws. I do feel a judgement like this helps and is a step towards equality.

  7. @Vikram..Thanks for pointing out the mistake which even the editor could not. The problem is my Hindi is poorer than my English :).I had no intention of portraying parents as an object.Apologies if you found it disrespectful.

  8. Best decision taken…

  9. An unmarried daughter above 18 can claim maintenance from father, but an unmarried son above 18 cannot. This law also need to be changed.

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