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Women's Healthcare
Sanitary Pads Essential For Women, Not On Initial Essentials List For Govt?

In the initial essential list, sanitary napkins weren't even mentioned. It took journalists and Twitter for the Union to amend it. How long will this go on?

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There’s No Such Thing As ‘Normal’ Period Pain; Stop Shaming Women For Taking Medication
medication for period pain

Painful periods are very common, and yet it is extraordinary how women are blatantly told to "bear the pain" and often even shamed for taking medication for period pain!

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14 Pathbreaking Women Doctors In India Whom We Salute!
women doctors in India

Not just on Doctor's Day, these inspiring women doctors in India have our gratitude at every other time too!

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You Might Feel You Have A Normal Pregnancy, But Complications Can Happen To Anyone

Telling my pregnancy story of pre-eclampsia to alert others - if you have any of these symptoms, get help immediately. I survived, but it could kill.

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This Most Preventable Cancer Causes Deaths Of More Than 70,000 Indian Women Yearly
HPV vaccine

HPV vaccine is expensive and available only to the well-off. Including it in the National Immunisation Programme can drastically bring down cervical cancer cases.

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Palliative Care: Meet Panna Bharali, A Cancer Survivor, Helping Others Like Herself
Panna Bharali

Panna Bharali, whom the author calls Pappu Baa, is a breast cancer survivor, working with a palliative care initiative to help others like herself.

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