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Ma Kali
Ma Kali Is An Unlikely Deity In A Society That Expects Women To Be ‘Pleasant’ And ‘Feminine’

Goddess Kali is often given 'caring, feminine' atrributes by a patriarchy that worries about the inspiration she may give women to tap into their own inner strength.

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What Advice Do Angry Women Get In A Society That Expects Them To Be Pleasant, Smiling, ‘Susheel’?

In a society where women are supposed to be paragons of patience and pleasant smiles, what advice do they get if they get angry? Read on.

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As A Feminist, I Don’t Want To Feel Angry Anymore; I Just Want To Fix It – Am I Wrong?

The author feels that being angry about things doesn't work, because those we need to change stop listening. Being a rare feminist who feels this, she speaks of an identity crisis.

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For Too Long I Have Been Silenced; Now I Have Rage…

A young woman, looking back at her life, and the way she has been shamed, and labelled, and the wounds and scars of all that - do read further to find out more.

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Why Are Women Angry? And Why Do Most Keep Quiet Or Express It As Something Else?
Rage Becomes Her

In the age of #MeToo, Soraya Chemaly’s Rage Becomes Her is a reminder that women’s anger is justified and necessary.

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