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Female Rage Is Real, Though Historically Silenced By A Misogynist Society Favouring Men

Being a woman, I usually never get to express my rage as openly as men do with impunity, as most women fear retribution or worse, being tagged ‘unlikeable’.

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Are Indian Women Angrier Now Than 10 Yrs Ago Or Are People Finally Paying Attention?

A new Gallup poll reveals that up to 40% of Indian women are angry compared to 27% of men. This is a change from 29% angry women and 28% angry men 10 years ago, in 2012.

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Women Must Support Women And Stop Looking For Validation!
Women Must Support Women And Stop Looking For Validation!

It’s 2022, and we don’t bring other women down or compete with them, but lift each other up. Also, as a person openly advocating for women’s rights, it pains my heart to see a woman not knowing her own worth.

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Marvel’s New Series She-Hulk Underlines The Daily ‘Anger’ Struggles Of Every Woman

As women learn to deal with the anger they feel every day due to the constant misogyny we face, we are much better equipped to 'hulk out' if needed.

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Leave Everything Behind— The Fate Of Young Indian Women
Young Indian Women

While starting a new life with a life partner again, she needs to leave her mayka, the maternal home. Her love for her parents and siblings, her job, her surname, her room — just to survive in a new place which will never be hers ever.

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Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, When PMS Gets Unbearably Brutal & Extreme
premenstrual dysphoric disorder

Even though the most common symptom of premenstrual dysphoric disorder includes extreme mood swings, there is a lot more to it than that.

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